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November 2016
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Welcome Ohio Dominican University!
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Executive Director


Welcome Beta Psi at the University of Missouri to GIS!
Our Newest Chapter!

Congratulations to Beta Psi at the University of Missouri, the 71st chartered chapter for GIS. They were officially welcomed on September 9th with 51 chartering members! 

Thank you to all of the participants who allowed the chartering to be a success. We look forward to seeing the growth of your chapter!

Congratulations to another Future GIS Chapter
Ohio Dominican University to be Chartered!

Welcome Ohio Dominican University, the most recent chapter to be approved for chartering into GIS! 

The chartering is scheduled for Tuesday, December 6th at 5:00 p.m. in Columbus, Ohio. If you are interested in attending, please e-mail Chapter President Alison Baker at or Grace Grant at Congrats ODU!

Scholarships Available:
Do You Need Money to Pay for School? Apply today!

There are many scholarship opportunities available for stu dents studying risk management and insurance. See below for application and deadline information for upcoming opportunities.

The Surety Foundation Industry Intern and Scholarship Program for Minority Students
Deadline: November 15

Anita Benedetti Involvement Program
Deadline: December 2

For additional scholarship opportunities visit:

GIS Features Industry Opportunities:  
Don't miss out on these great opportunities, apply today!

C heck out the GIS  Career Center , the only centralized location for you to search through and apply for  internship and entry-level opportunities across the industry.   Employers can also search through student profiles, so be sure to get  your resume on there!  It's  easy:
  1. Go to the Career Center website
  2. Upload your resume
  3. Check out the posted jobs and internships
This is an exclusive benefit for Gamma Iota Sigma members  to be seen by companies and organizations who are actively recruiting and to apply for internships and jobs. Don't miss out!
Below are just a sample of some of the opportunities that await you in the Career Center. Go to 
for additional opportunities!
GIS Sustaining Partner Highlight - AAMGA
Thank you to AAMGA for your commitment to the future of GIS!

This month's Sustaining Partner highlight features AAMGA, the American Association of Managing General Agents!

AAMGA Offers Education, Networking, & Scholarship Opportunities for GIS Students

The AAMGA is a proud Sustaining Partner of Gamma Iota Sigma.  As an international wholesale insurance trade association, we want to give our member companies access to the best RMI talent out there...that's YOU, GIS students!  We have created some unique opportunities for you to engage with our members.  Check them out!

The E&S Jump School at AAMGA University East will be held Thursday, February 9 th in Orlando, Florida.   This event consists of a student-centric educational course, including:
* Excess & Surplus Lines - When All Else Fails
* The "What if" Game - Identifying Exposures
* What am I Doing Here? Careers in the E&S Industry
Following the session, GIS members will have an opportunity to interview with AAMGA member companies for internship and full-time job opportunities! Student attendees will have their resumes included in the AAMGA Resume Book.

The 2017 AAMGA Student White Paper Research Contest is an exclusive opportunity to research and write on a topic of interest to the insurance marketplace, and be recognized among wholesale insurance professionals nationwide.  Three (3) winning students will receive:
* $1,000 scholarship
* All-expenses-paid trip to the 2017 AAMGA Annual Meeting for you and your Professor/Advisor
* Opportunity to shadow AAMGA Board Members and Committee Members at the conference, and network with 1200+ attendees
* Publication of your winning paper in the AAMGA's WIN Magazine

We hope you'll take advantage of these great opportunities!  Any questions can be emailed directly to Alyssa Bouchard, Assistant Executive Director of the AAMGA.

About the Sustaining Partners Program
In 2015, GIS implemented a fundraising initiative designed to allow the industry to have a sustaining impact on the development of the next generation of insurance professionals; the Sustaining Partners Program. Because of the support of our Sustaining Partners, GIS has been able to increase the number of strategic initiatives designed to promote the educational and professional development of our students! 

Chapter Spotlight: 
Bowers Award Winner! Alpha Iota - St. John's University

The Edison L. Bowers Award was established in 1972 and is the oldest and most coveted of all the awards conferred by the Grand Chapter. Created to recognize the one single chapter that demonstrates the most well-rounded and organized program for each scholastic year, this award is the highest honor a chapter can receive from the Grand Chapter. This year, each of our superior chapters had the opportunity to present to a panel of judges on why their chapter best exemplifies the mission and purpose of Gamma Iota Sigma.

The five Superior Chapters presented and were judged based on the depth and comprehensiveness of programs, impact of programming on chapter members, relevance to ideals and mission of GIS, ability to demonstrate the values of GIS, originality, persuasiveness and overall presentation.

We were thrilled to announce at the Awards Dinner on Friday, September 30, that Alpha Iota at St. John's University was the recipient of this year's award. 

President Anthony Lucero accepted the award on behalf on behalf the chapter. Congratulations Alpha Iota! The students from St. John's in attendance are pictured above with proud advisor Melodee Harper-Fields. You have inspired us as an organization with your hard work and positive spirit! 

Click the link below to view all 2015-16 award winners.

Student Spotlight: 
"I grew from just wanting to prepare myself for the work world to wanting to see growth in every single person in our chapter."
Name: Kate McCoy
School:   Drake University
Chapter:  Chi
Officer Title:  President
Major:  Actuarial Science and Data Analytics Double Major
Graduation:  December 2017
What do you hope to do with your degree in Risk Management, Insurance, or Actuarial Science?
Throughout my time at Drake University, I always know that what I'm doing now is preparation for working in the insurance industry.
Since I love leading a group of people to a common vision, I will strive to work toward becoming a chief actuary and lead a team to reach a higher profitability while still keeping the customer in mind. Also, I have a thirst for knowledge, which means I will persevere until I reach the FCAS designation I've been dreaming of since I passed my first exam.            
Why did you choose to major in Risk Management, Insurance, or Actuarial Science?
The idea of being able to use numbers over time to help homeowners like my parents and grandparents and small-business owners like my 4-H leader moved me to pursue a career in actuarial science. Ever since then, I have been driven to excel in this field, joining actuarial science-based organizations, obtaining leadership positions, and networking with all types of actuaries. These completed goals have all inspired how hard I study for my classwork and for my actuarial exams.

Why did you join Gamma Iota Sigma?

I first joined Gamma Iota Sigma for the connections and professional development. And although this still holds true, I have many more reasons as to why I still spend all (yes, all) of my time with Gamma Iota Sigma. 

First off, the people you meet in Gamma Iota Sigma are some of the most inspirational, hard-working, caring, intelligent people you will ever meet. I have a personal relationship with all of our members (and we aren't a very small chapter) and they all have amazing hearts. Also, the leadership opportunities make you realize that you are a part of something much bigger than yourself. I grew from just wanting to prepare myself for the work world to wanting to see growth in every single person in our chapter. There is something about leading a group of analytical minds that always makes me so passionate about this organization and the people in it. So if I could look back and tell first-year me why I should join Gamma Iota Sigma, I would have to add that the family and leadership opportunities are fundamental to the Gamma Iota Sigma experience.
How has your participation in Gamma Iota Sigma prepared you for your career?

Gamma Iota Sigma pushed me to get an internship before I even really wanted one and to pass my first exam quicker than I thought I could. Between the amazing professional development session, professional speakers, and brotherhood in the fraternity, we are only presented with opportunities to succeed. At our leadership conference, I met with a company who wanted to hire first-year interns and my older brothers convinced me to put myself out there. At our professional development and study sessions, different members provided tips, encouragement, and old manuals (hooray!) in preparation for my first actuarial exam. I would never be on the awesome path I am now without the support of my  stellar chapter.

What would you say to a student interested in joining Gamma Iota Sigma?

"You will not regret it"- Kate McCoy
As cliche as that sounds, I can't stress it enough. Gamma Iota Sigma pairs the ideas of bringing like-minded people together to create great friendships, while still pushing students to excel in their fields by presenting amazing opportunities. I could imagine life without the friends and network connections I have made, the skills I have learned, or the memories I have made with my time in Gamma Iota Sigma.

Attention GIS Students!
Are you interested being considered for the Student Spotlight?

If you are interested in being featured on social media, newsletters, or other GIS communications, please fill out the form in the link below! Thank you!
Alumni Spotlight:
"GIS holds so many opportunities to grow professionally and personally. This is the place where leaders are made."

Name:  Dymphna Menendez, Commerical Casualty Underwriter, AIG, Los Angeles, CA
Alma Mater: Cal State Fullerton 
Chapter: Beta Gamma  C hapter
Major: Business - Finance/Economics 

Why did you join GIS, and what benefits did you experience through your participation in the organization?

I discovered GIS at the annual Insurance Day Career fair at my school. I knew I wanted to be more active in the business school outside the classroom. I wanted to be in an organization that provided networking opportunities, but more than anything a community for me to be a part of. GIS provided exactly that....and the rest is history... 

What advice would you give to students considering joining GIS

Do it...the cover of a book doesn't do justice to all the adventures it holds. I think many people think that because GIS is focused in the Insurance Industry that opportunities are limited...and that couldn't be any further than the truth, than the moon is from the stars. GIS holds so many opportunities to grow professionally and personally. This is the place where leaders are made.

What advice would you give to students wishing to pursue a career in the insurance industry? 

Keep all doors open. You never know what may come your way. The industry is full of positions for almost any specialty. Always talk to people in your network, they all have connections in some place or the other, and they can help guide you to where you want to go. Be mobile, don't be afraid to leave your hometown or even your home state. And always keep on a good smile. 

How has your career been impacted by your college and alumni involvement in GIS?

I've stayed connected to GIS so I can strengthen my ties to friends and colleagues everywhere and to create new ties. For my own career, its allowed me to market myself and what I do and generate business for my profit center.  

Is there any advice you wished you had before graduating college with regards to the insurance industry, GIS, or your career path?

Be open to change, because that's the only certainty you'll have. How we do business is changing at a rapid pace, and as such it changes our day to day. So you need to be open and flexible to change. Keep your head up and push forward. 
Alumni News
Join or start an alumni chapter in your area today!

The above phot o was taken at a recent Dallas Alumni event. The  Dallas Gamma Iota Sigma Alumni Council and Young Risk Professionals co-hosted a speed mentoring event at Top Golf for University of North Texas and University of Dallas students. Mentors across various sectors of the insurance and risk management industry shared their career paths with RMI students. Everyone enjoyed a few rounds of Top Golf as well. The DFW chapter of RIMS and Risk Placement Services generously sponsored this successful event. 

Pictured above, the Chicago Alumni Chapter gathered on Friday, 10/21 at Moe's Cantina in Chicago. A great time was had by all! 

Congratulations to both of these Alumni Chapters on great turnouts to your events, as well as continuing the growth of GIS with Alumni. It is rewarding to make connections with the industry, other alumni and our current students! 

Students, please consider joining one of our alumni chapters if you are looking to continue your involvement with our organization upon graduation. Our alumni chapters are growing in current cities and expanding into new cities. We are looking for alumni who would like to be involved in starting new chapters in new locations!  
For more information on the GIS Alumni Council, please contact one of the regional chapter leaders below or Alumni Council President, Jake Timmins at or Vice President, Sabrina Hanitz at for information on starting a chapter in your area! You can also visit the Alumni Council Webpage to contact your local leaders.

GIS Resources!
#GammaIS Insuring Your Future

Interested in a career in insurance? Not sure how or where to start, or what the right fit for you might be?
Be sure to check out the Career Resources Hub, a  widely collaborative effort spearheaded by GIS in partnership with trade groups and professional associations to avail the industry's collective resources to YOU, the next generation of insurance professionals!
Through a combination of dedicated career path pages, career tools, roadmaps, surveys, and quizzes, the Career Resources section will introduce you to many different insurance industry careers and provide you with resources to help you find your fit. Not only can you access valuable career planning and professional development resources, you can also learn about the organizations offering these resources.
Your connection to the network is imperative in the future of your career. Connect with the industry by utilizing our Find A Chapter map, where you can find local leaders for the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS),  Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter Society (CPCU), Insurance Accounting and Systems Association (IASA),  International Association of Insurance Professionals (IAIP), Professional Liability Underwriting Society (PLUS), and Risk Insurance Management Society (RIMS). You can access the map through the following link -
GIS on Social Media:
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We hope to see you on social media! 

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