Marcony Star

By Jose Francisco Avil

Marcony was born in Livingston, Guatemala. He is the second of four brothers, at the age of 17  he moved to Puerto Barrios, where he completed his basic and general studies at the Experimental Institute " Dr. Luis Pasteur " graduating with honors  as an "Industrial  Technician"


He continued his studies at the  University of San Carlos in Guatemala City. During that time span, Marcony started taking guitar lessons in his spare time with a teacher from San Marcos, later part as part of a youth group, advised by the Guatemalan collective "BATACHA" where he learned his first notes in instrument, the bass guitar.


Two years later he emigrated to New York City. Marcony who was always passionate about music, would join  his first band in this city "The Sea Boys of Honduras" as their bassist.


In 1987 along with "Babis," they formed the first Guatemalan Garifuna musical group, "Labuga Boys," where Marcony debuts as the lead singer. Marcony was determined to take the band to the national level, makes his first recording from which emerged the hit songs "Patty and Wayaru Tadibu Lola" that continue to delight until this day.


A few years later when Labuga Boys disbands, Marcony chooses to continue as a solo artist, recording songs such as, "Figou Lira, Uwati´┐Ża Umadagu, Maserifitibu and Sweet Punta Rock. One night during one of his presentations at a nightclub in the Bronx New York, Karl Miller a Reggae Music promoter discovered him and made him an offer for a single Reggae Record in Spanish, he recorded the hit song "MINI -MINI" with the record label "Sony Records". The song leads to  his debut in Maimi, where he shared the stage with Ziggy Marley the son of the legendary Bob Marley, also included in the same album were: El General, Nando Boom, Super Cat, Heavy D , Victor Arzu, La Diva ( Ana ) and many more. The song was so successful, that it lead to Marcony sharing the stage with famous singers such as Tito Nieves, Jose Alberto el Canario, Jhonny Ventura, Quinito Mendez and others. Among the famous places where Marcony has performed  in New YorkCity include: the Copa Cabana, the Ritz, the Paladium etc


Seeing the need for another Guatemalan Garifuna band, Gadu Nunez, Dario Bengochea, Nolberto Palacios (Nolly) and Marcony Star join forces to form "GARIFUNA STAR'S BAND", and recorded their first albun "FOREVER" which featured three of Marcony's songs, Hot like Fire, Matenguiratibu and la Tanga. They had the opportunity to make presentations in Guatemala, California, North and South Carolina, Virginia and France.


Marcony Star's discography includes a cassette with his own tracks two record and 3 CDs.


His artistic talent led him to be the first Garifuna Guatemalan, to record with a major US based record label with the above mentioned song MINI -MINI, which was heard in South and North America and parts of Europe.


During the past years, Marcony Star has continued to make presentations in community activities within the Garifuna community in New York.


In 2013, he started recording a new album and culminated with the  release of his latest CD entitled, NEW ARISING on April 19, 2014.  It includes different genres such as Punta, Paranda, Merengue and Bachata. Marcony Star may be considered as a multitalented Artist. 


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