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    Gary Spivey's Newsletter
    Volume 37
    June 2011


    Hello everybody! Welcome to Newsletter #37! It has been some time since the last newsletter but a lot of people have been asking me the past few weeks, "What's going on with the crazy energy on the planet these days?" Well, we are in the midst of a new age approaching and as we get closer, the dark gets darker but the bright gets brighter as well! In this newsletter I will talk about how to remove the blocks that leave us stuck in our everyday lives. Of course, you can learn to meditate and do this yourself simply by reading my book, by calling me for a private reading or by attending one of my workshops/seminars that I do from coast to coast.

    As always, I have also added in some wonderful testimonials and answered some great questions you've sent in to me! Enjoy!

    Gary Spivey

    Spivey's Corner
    2012 Our New World? "OR" 2012 Our New World!

    What's it going to be? Our new world, is it going to be a negative thing? Is it the end of the world as we know it? Are there catastrophic disasters? Is the Earth going to flip upside down and spill us off out into space? Will the oceans sweep us up in a crazy tsunami? Will the weather change? Or is our new world some blissful happy place where everything works just perfect and great, much like it does in Heaven? Or will nothing happen at all?

    As a spiritual person that is able to see your loved ones on the other side, as well as your angels. I've had a lot of experiences where I've dealt with Heaven. Heaven seems like a pretty cool place where everybody enjoys whatever their passions are. It is important for you to realize that heaven is a high dimension that we are all very much connected to. Now it is totally possible to bring parts of the higher heaven dimension down to earth where you live. It seems like to create that same Heaven here on Earth, we just have to work on things that we are really passionate about. This includes being with people that we have passion with and learning how to enjoy and appreciate every morsel of our day. Well, that theory sounds nice but it's not always easy to pull off. The truth is, many times you have spiritual blocks that block you from who you really are. The blocks can even block you from being able to find your true passions such as soul mates or the perfect career. These blocks can even rob you of the ability to feel an overall sense of worthiness, love, peace, happiness and harmony with other people that we all need. Many of you may feel like there is this invisible something somewhere that is holding you back from who you really are as well as all of your passions and fun in life. Many times you might feel like you have a greater purpose and should be doing something important to help other people that your not doing because you can't figure out what or how to do it. The truth is, human beings have blocks. Since being born a spiritually gifted child, I've worked hard throughout much of my lifetime learning how to see in clarity in all of the spiritual dimensions around us. In these spiritual dimensions that I can see in, I am now happy to say that other people that I have now taught to meditate and receive spiritual gifts can see all of them as well. If you learn to meditate and receive spiritual gifts this will help you live a more productive and happy life here on earth. There are sometimes spiritual blocks that can hold you back. Through my angels and God I've learned how to see and get rid of spiritual blocks with my spiritual gifts.

    The other thing that I'm incredibly passionate about is teaching you guys how to get rid of your own blocks with your very own spiritual gifts that you receive through your angels and God by meditating. I've worked with thousands of people in private readings for years and years now. Periodically they will call and say, "I need a tune up! Something jumped on me." Literally, in the spiritual dimensions, something did. This could be a demon or negative projection from someone that you are having a fight with. Or it could just simply be a dimensional shift. These dimensional shifts go on all the time out in the cosmos and this can be affecting you in some tremendous negative way here on earth. If you don't clear this dark energy, you will continue to stay stuck and not be able to move on to find your blissful and passionate happiness. I believe 2012 can bring us "On Earth as it is in Heaven" A blissful existence of happiness where everything just works really easy without struggling.

    As I clear people's energies these days, I see them moving instantly more into this space. This is happening right now more than ever before. Some of you guys are probably living this Heaven on Earth existence now. Some of you guys are probably literally living in hell, depressed, walking around blocked and possessed with dark energies. Well, that's just the dark energies trying to keep a grip on you so you won't move into this new blissful age where you can manifest anything that your heart desires.

    Try to clear your energy first, and if you're not able to, call me for a private reading and I'll be able to clear it for you. Once your energy is clear, you should be good to go! I think this is more important now than ever before.

    The negative energies that are attacking everyone on the planet today are all doing one thing very well, they are controlling our thoughts to make us think negatively and feel bad about ourselves. Our negative thoughts and our positive thoughts are very important to the outcome of what your day is like, or of what you're truly manifesting your world to be like.

    Try this, after you clear your energy in a meditation, think of only positive things. It will be easy to think of nothing negative once your energy is clear. This is a very important thing to do. Many of the people that I do talk to in private readings that I've talked to for years, now are telling me, "Before you cleared my energy and taught me how to clear my own energy, I wouldn't have made the right decision." "I wouldn't have been able to move ahead" "I would have stayed stuck." I hear these kind of things all the time. Don't stay stuck! I've set aside some time from my crazy travelling schedule and seminars just to work on you guys and do private readings for a couple of weeks. So call me up! 1(800) 827-4279.

    Also check out my new meditation entitled "One" on www.garyspivey.com

    To schedule a reading with Gary, call his office at (800) 827-4279. Call Now! His readings usually fill up fast!

    From your lips to God's ears!

    Dear Gary, You gave a reading for my Niece, about her deceased Mother & Brother. She said you were spot on. You also told her to build a relationship with her living Father (my brother). From your lips to God's ears. Thank you & God Bless, Donna - Owasso, USA

    Dear Gary, On 3-28-11 our daughter-in-law spoke with you via a local radio station. Her father died of cancer when she was nine, and a sadness related to that loss resides within her. I want to thank you for acting as the medium and delivering the messages. You were correct in every element you presented. My thanks for sharing your special gift, for touching each of our hearts, and for reminding me of a passage from Hebrews: Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Jane - Bethany, Missouri

    Gary, Thanks so much for a truly amazing experience on Captiva Island! You have made such a big difference in our lives and we are so thankful for all that you have shown us. And especially with Cameron, he is a very special boy and we just talk about you all the time, and listen to you on B103.9 on Tuesday mornings! We call in whenever we can to talk to you. We love you so much, hope to see you again soon. Thanks to all your gang, Travis, Brad, etc, for all their help in making it such an awesome and fun time! Jo, John and Cameron Sinclair - Cape Coral, Florida

    Questions & Answers

    Q: Hi Gary, Does your book go into how to help spirits, entities, attachments, etc. to go to the light? I would love how to do this for my clients that I do healing work for. Also, what is the best stone to wear for protection- like on a ring or pendant? Thank you! Colleayn K.

    A: Hi Colleayn, My Book Secrets From God - Your Keys To Heaven absolutely explains how energy works from Earth to Heaven. The meditation in the book shows you how and teaches you how to receive spiritual gifts to clear your dimensions so that you can be a spiritually gifted person just like me. You can use your spiritual gifts for many different things including helping someone cross over. It's really simple. When you are trying to send someone to the light, you simply invoke angels from Heaven. You ask them to come down while bringing the light to help you with the lost soul that has committed suicide. You will usually see 3 angels (sometimes more) appear in the spiritual dimension. As you are dealing with someone that was friends, family or a loved one of the lost soul, ask them to help you coax them into the light by calling their name. Tell them to look up. Take the angels hand and take one step into the light. As soon as they take one step into the light and take the angels hand, you'll see them flying end over end, straight up in a very fast white elevator of light. You'll also experience a tremendous amount of spiritual heat that runs through your body as the light comes down to pick them up. It's about that simple. Good Luck! Oh, and as far as what stone to wear, that's really up to you. I like turquoise. It has a very healing energy and as I'm doing spiritual work, I need all the help I can get.

    Q: Hi Gary, My name is Nichole. I'm 20 years old. I don't have a job right now and everytime I do have one it seems to not work out and I end up quitting. I can't afford to pay my bills or anything. I really don't know what's going on. I feel very depressed all the time. I end up crying everyday because I'm stuck home cause I don't even have enough money for gas. I used to have all this luck and now it seems like I don't have any. I'm in need of your help Gary! I don't know what to do. I feel like all my ambitions are all in stand-by and I can't move on with life. I don't talk to anybody about my emotions cause I feel like nobody cares what I'm going through. Thank you so much for your time and I hope to hear from you. Nichole

    A: Hi Nicole, I think you are in a situation that a lot of people are in. It's called "Stuck". Stuck is a bad place to be, but more people than you would think, even people with jobs and a lot of money fall into this category as well! I was in meditation one time and I asked God, "Where's Hell? What is Hell?" because I talk to dead people all of the time and it seems like every one of them is somewhere in Heaven except for the ones that kill themselves and they remain Earthbound until someone like me helps them cross over. God answered me by saying, "Hell is stuck. Anytime you are stuck, you are in Hell." I thought about it for a minute and that sure made sense to me. I then asked God, "So how do you get out of Hell? Or how do you get unstuck?" He explained it to me like this, "Simply meditate by looking up, asking for the light to come down and fill your body full of golden light. Your God Cord will start to glow. All you have to do is look up and ask. At that moment, your body will fill full of light and you ask for a spiritual gift to get you out of stuck." It's that simple. Then you have to put one foot in front of the other but you'll find that it will be much easier that way. Chances are you will get a big ball of light in your chest. I see it coming down to you. All you have to do is ask. Many times the big ball of light in your chest is a brand new spirit. That will give you the emotional and the spiritual "ummph" to get back out there and go to work, get a job and keep a job. I think you'll find that things will be much easier for you. I also removed some darkness from your head. As you read this you'll notice that your head got pretty warm or many times other people can read this and other people will get warm too Nichole. Healing goes around like that. When you heal one person, whoever else that feels that, well, they get healed too. Good Luck!

    Q:Hi Gary, I currently work at a large corporation in Minnesota. I have a good job and a nice boss, but I have to travel 1 hour and 30 minutes one way to get to work, 3 hours of my day is spent traveling. I currently live in a small town (with 2 young children/husband) that does not offer many good paying jobs, that is why I am traveling so far. My question to you is, I don't know what there is out there that could be closer to my home that I could make the same amount of money at or even a little bit less. Can you help me figure this out? Thank you Gary for all the wonderful things you do to help us all. Love, Carey

    A:Carey, Here is what I'm seeing right now. I feel like at this time you should stay where you are. I believe that there is an opportunity coming that is going to be even better for you but I think that the opportunity comes through the existing job that you have. I would stay where you are and keep my eyes peeled for the better situation with more money coming your way. Sometimes as much as you don't want to hear it, you just have to commute. That's what I see for now. Good Luck!

    Q: Hi Gary, I need your help. The guy that I dated left me for someone else which has been very hard on me. I've meditated and prayed everyday asking my angels and God to let all of this go and to let me find my happiness and to find my soulmate, but everyday is getting worse. I am very sad, angry, and selfish and that's not who I am. I've tried to remove any demons that might be making me act this way, but it's not getting better. I want to be happy and move on, but I'm lost and in trouble right now and need your help with this, please. I know my soulmate is out there and it's just a matter of time, and I'm trying to move on and live my life, but I feel like something is wrong and keeping me from moving on and being happy. I never thought I'd hurt like this and become this sad/angry person that I'm not. Can you help me, please? Any advice/suggestions would be very helpful. M.H

    A: Hi M.H, What up Girl! I can tell you how to fix yourself. It's really simple. It's so simple that you're not going to believe that it will work. You can truly heal from all of your emotional wounds that the guy that duped you caused. Here's all that you've got to do. You have to turn loose of the anger. Well, easier said than done. You also have to turn loose of the fear of moving on and not getting duped again. Well, easier said than done. You also have to just feel ok which is really what you want to do because you want to feel that happy feeling inside again. Well, you guessed it, easier said than done. It's not! It's really easy. It's easier done than said! Let me show you how. You have to get this spiritual gift and it makes it really easy. In your meditation, close your eyes and look up. See a beam of golden light coming down from Heaven. If you can't see it, imagine it in your mind's eye. Now simply ask God for the spiritual gift of a brand new heart. Raise your hands up, grab the golden heart, pull it down and put it in your chest. That feels warm huh? That's all you have to do. Now you have a new heart instead of a broken one. You had a heart that was all cracked up. Now you've got a brand new one. So you'll be able to love, be loved, attract love and even forgive the old idiot. Good Luck! I see you meeting a new soulmate in about three months. Happy times again!

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