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 Gay student faces expulsion after firing stun gun to ward off bullies

Darnell "Dynasty" Young, a 17-year-old senior at Tech High, in Indianapolis, was suspended last month for bringing a stun gun to school. His mother, Chelisa Grimes, gave her son the gun as protection against physical abuse at the hands of Young's classmates, who, he told her, had been bullying him for being gay. 

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PROVO, Utah (AP) -- Gary Coleman's ex-wife is asking a judge to award her the child TV star's estate.

Shannon Price testified Monday in district court in Provo, Utah, that even though the two divorced in 2008 they continued to live together and present themselves in public as married.




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Mia Davis widower's dangerous attack on birth control  

Mike Yard, comedian and widower of 36-year-old plus-size model/actress, Mia Amber Davis, is reportedly suing his late wife's obstetrician-gynecologist for prescribing her birth control pills.  

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