GenMove specializes in standards-based activities programming, staff training, and innovative equipment for Early Childhood, K-5, 6-12, Adapted Physical Education, After School, summer camps, community organizations and events staff. Our goal is to give you tools and solutions for increasing activity and movement time and health and nutrition education in your classroom, recreation or education setting. We teach standards based movement & motor skills, health & nutrition, and how to integrate academics into your physical education/activity time. We assists teachers/staff in their ability to deliver education that gives every child the experience of athletic achievements and a healthy lifestyle, regardless of physical limitations, athletic abilities, or past experiences. The aim is to positively influence today's children throughout their lives, offering solutions to fight childhood obesity from Early Childhood to Adulthood, thus our motto: Moving Generations. GenMove does this by creating systems that works with schools, teachers, after school programs, parents, and the community to get everyone excited about movement, health, and nutrition. 

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What Does GenMove Offer?

At GenMove we understand that every district, school, teacher, classroom, and organization has specific needs. We work with you to put together packages that best fit the needs of your program, in order to give every child the opportunity for success in recreation and a healthy life. 


We Offer: 

  • Professional Development/Staff Training
  • Equipment
  • Programming Activities

Professional Development



GenMove offers individual and group staff trainings for Elementary, Middle, High School, Adapted Physical, Early Childhood & After School, and Community Based Organization educators. Read More on GenMove'sProfessional Development & Benefits. 






At GenMove we have designed inclusive, non-threatening equipment to support our standards- and assessements-based movement education programming. We offer goals, balls, and other products designed to level the playing field and allow students of all abilities to enjoy physical activity and good health. One of the great things about our equipment, it can be utilized across all age and skill levels. We integrate the same equipment from Early Childhood, Adapted, & K-12 so that schools and programs can get the most out of their equipment use! Read More About GenMove's Equipment 






GenMove's standards-based programs help chidren from pre-k through grades 12 develop physical and social skills. Our adapted PE solutions ensure that students of all abilities take part and succeed in physical activities. Our programming is unique in that it offers student and teacher assessments to each activity, offering programs the ability to measure children's improvement and understanding of standards based skills and movement through these non-traditional games and activities. 


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 GenMove Partners


GenMove USA is proud to partner with SPARK, the leader in evidence-based Physical Education, After School, Early Childhood, and Coordinated School Health programs for educator services Pre-K through 12th grade students. As a SPARK Recommended Resource we are able to provide your favorite Sportime PE equipment items. Contact your sales consultant for more information.  
















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