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Friends stopping by:
Country legend Gene Watson.
You'll love meeting Gene and hearing the perspective of someone who's navigated the music biz for over 50 years. Be introduced to the old school way of recording and singing-and how Gene carefully picks his songs. No "bro country" here. Then check out his 33rd Album, "Real. Country. Music."
TLC's The Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro.
Meet this mega baker and entrepreneur as he shares some baking ideas that help you cut calories & gluten, but still maintain all the flava! Plus, he gets into the nuts & bolts of what it takes to make that dream of success - in whatever you do - a reality. He's definitely boss on this interview and he even offered to give us a few of his sisters! Lol. We'd love more sister-power!

Rik Emmett (formerly of the band Triumph).
Guitarist/singer/songwriter Rik Emmett joins your weekend to chat about his new album Res9. Rik is originally from the Canadia hard-rock power trio, Triumph, that brought you the hits "Lay It on The Line" and "Magic Power." Get ready for some rock 'n roll stories!
Texas singer-songwriter Dede Wedekind.
You've met this Texas singer & songwriter, Dede Wedekind, here before. This time she's back to chat about the latest in her career. Her song "America United" has been getting lots of attention recently - and she recorded an updated version - you can get a free download this weekend on her website. You'll also hear about her recent experiences in DC.
In Our Lives This Week.
Rachel's been moving furniture from upstairs to the basement playroom, turning it into a combo playroom/music room/media room. Her kids are excited, but her cats aren't so sure. Bo's kids are way into a game they made up called "Secret Explorers." All over the living room floor are forts, nerf guns, nerf bullets, walkie talkies, spy gadgets, & empty water bottle grenades. And who is Bo in the game? Wait for it... the blanket monster! Allie's adopted daughter, Clover, said something cute last night. They were at a basketball practice for her older brother, Luke. Clover saw a boy standing next to the court, all alone. She said to Allie, "Mommy, where is that boy's family?" Allie said, "Oh, I don't know." Clover said, "Mommy, that boy needs a family, I don't want him to be all alone!" So, that's your cute story for the day - and Clover wants to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!
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Rachel, Bo, & Allie Kat 

July 26th
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