February 2018
Hello Friends and Providers

We've been busy here at Generations and thought we'd bring you up to date on a few items. First, is your agency providing Medicaid services within the United States? If so, please note the federal requirement for states to procure an EVV solution (electronic visit verification, or telephony for you industry veterans out there). Effective January 1, 2019 Medicaid personal care services will be required to be verified and billed through a state chosen single vendor or through a state certified system. Beginning January 1, 2023 state paid home health services will be billed through EVV systems. 

Many providers have long known the value of real-time visit verification. For those currently using Generations, rest assured we will work with states as required and requested. Contact us to learn the status of the Generations EVV interface in your state. 

For those that are unfamiliar with this level of technology, let us help you become and remain compliant with federal and state regulations related to in-home care, and as a result, provide even better care.
EVV Exception Management


EVV exception management enables your agency to track and document EVV exceptions and their resolutions. Exceptions in Generations are now automatically created in the following cases:

  • Missing caregiver login
  • Missing caregiver logout
  • Caller ID not matched to client
  • GPS variance exceeds established setting
Under normal circumstances, caregivers will arrive and depart at their scheduled times, and to/from the client's place of residence. There will be exceptions and this new functionality enables managers to note the exception and the resolution. For instance, client had a unexpected medical emergency when caregiver arrived which delayed a check in at the original start time. A phone call to the client verifying arrival and departure times allows agencies to track these exceptions and report them accordingly to their payers.
Other Changes Include:
  • redesign of Company Settings
  • better user notification management
  • convenient in system order form for EVV/Telephony 
  • other system performance improvements

Good news! TrustArc (formerly TRUSTe), a global provider of  privacy compliance and risk management services, has re-certified  the privacy practices for Integrated Database Systems (parent company to Generations). Read our renewed privacy policy here. Our commitment to the safe collection and storage of our client's information remains our top priority.  

We're excited for this one! Coming Mid-March, you'll see subtle, but needed, site redesigns, have even more scheduling options, and a greater overall experience, for all users of Generations.
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