April, Human Rights and Genocide Awareness Month, offers an important opportunity to engage with students about our collective role in ensuring genocide prevention today and in the future. 
The following resources are designed to support educators as they teach about this complex topic and to inspire students to take action toward building a better future.
From Our Blog 
Human Rights and Genocide - Where Do I Begin? - Educators Tyrone Shaw and Kelly Bales share their years of experience and classroom-tested strategies for approaching this complex topic with students. 
8 Classroom Resources for Teachers
Utilize these resources to guide conversations with your students about human rights, genocide awareness and prevention, and understanding the implications of individual choices in our world today.
Resources from Our Partners
ADL's Books Matter
This collection of books from the Anti-Defamation League offers excellent resources for educators, parents, and caregivers. Explore these age-appropriate books about difficult topics including hate, genocide, and the Holocaust.
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Five Survivors from Five Genocides - Featured on the new site for Genocide Awareness Month from USC Shoah Foundation, this interactive photo highlights experiences of survivors from Rwanda, the Holocaust, Armenia, Cambodia, and Guatemala through visual history testimony.
In his article, " Holocaust and Genocide Today,
Yehuda Bauer, an internationally recognized scholar and academic advisor to Yad Vashem
states, "The Holocaust is at the center of any study or consideration of genocide, because of its paradigmatic nature; it is also the starting point of any serious attempt at preventing such mass atrocities."
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