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Quack Quack?
Alaska Geoduck season is open! No, these aren't mallards, they're giant mollusks! Geoduck's (pronounced gooey-duck) ranges from 5.9 inches to over 8 inches in length, but the extremely long siphons make them much longer than this: the siphons alone can be 3 feet in length. The Geoduck is the largest burrowing clam in the world and is one of the longest-living animals of any type, with a lifespan of up to 140 years (the oldest has been recorded at 168 years old!). The Alaska Geoduck season is the only wild harvest in North America and is 'divers only' one day a week. They have a sweet ocean-like flavor and a vibrant snap. The siphon is often served raw in crudo or ceviche dishes while the plump, thick body is typically served in a cooked application. They are sold by the pound and currently average 2-3 lbs. Give your rep plenty of notice since these are only harvested once a week and are only available through pre order.
Back to Work
The Iceland strike has officially ended! After more than two months of negotiations, several fishermen's unions came to an agreement with Fisheries Iceland. Finally, a few boats are already back in the water as early as Saturday night, with the rest heading out last Sunday. This excellent news means increased availability on Icelandic favorites like Skrei Cod, Pollock, Haddock, Redfish, Wolffish, and Plaice. Skrei Cod is renowned for having a delicate and mild flavor that is unlike any other Cod. The flesh is whiter and brighter when compared to other Cod and yields a long, lean fillet. Both Pollock and Haddock are a chef's delight with their mild flavors that lend them to an array of cooking preparations. Redfish is another impressively versatile fish with a robust texture that adapts well to grilling, steaming, baking, pan-searing, and stir-frying.Despite their intimidating looks, the lean, pearly white flesh of the Wolffish has a firm texture and a mild, sweet flavor that is comparable to Lobster, Cod, or Halibut. They are highly versatile in the kitchen as they can be baked, broiled, fried, grilled, poached, steamed, and sautéed. A flat fish of the North Atlantic Plaice is easily identifiable by the distinctive orange spots on its back. They're also a good option to bake or grill whole with a bit of butter and a splash of lemon. 

Big Striped Bass & More
 From areas such as Coves Point in the Chesapeake Bay and more, Samuels has amazing Wild Striped Bass coming in for you.  Availability is good and sizing is up to you.  From 5-10 lb fish to 10 lb fish and up, we have fish from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.  We're also bringing in Red Snapper from Panama City federal waters along with imported Snapper of all sizes.  Mahi catch off the coast of South and Central America has been poor all season, and it has effected availability.  However, we do have the freshest fish for you along with frozen fillets.  North Carolina and New Jersey Fluke seasons are closed so fish is somewhat limited.  We are looking forward to a Fluke opening in early March.  Colder weather up north in New England is limiting fish such as Monkfish, Skate and Hake.  We do recommend large and jumbo sized Black Sea Bass and American Shad coming from Georgia as they begin to make their way north.  We have the freshest regular sized Squid and as we move toward spring, large Squid availability will begin to improve.

Now is the time when ice begins to break up in the Great Lakes both here and Canada and fishermen begin heading out for Pike, Carp and Whitefish.  We're expecting our first shipment of the season this week, speak with your sales rep for the latest.  

Oyster Options
We've got excellent options including Washington State's very own Capital Oysters along with Alaska's bivalve pride, Glacier Point.  Both Oysters are excellent options as rainy weather is limiting several west coast Oyster availability.  Our tip, keep your eye on our daily shellfish sheet and look forward to a great March sale on Capital Oysters.

Iceland's Haddock.  Picture Ready Right Out of the Sea
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