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 David Johnson

Georgia Hispanic Republicans
Georgia Hispanic Republicans
unanimously opposed to T-SPLOST



Georgia Hispanic Republicans unanimously opposed to T-SPLOST


  • These type of initiatives have not worked in California and New York
  • It actually increases the size of government and bureaucracy
  • The money spent will not solve the traffic problems that Atlanta faces
  • The jobs that will be created will be in many case low paying jobs
  • The tax is regional yet it will be primarily spent in the City of Atlanta.   Why should the entire region have to pay
  • What about other more pressing needs for the money - education, public safety
  • The best way to boost the metro area's economy and economic development potential is for each community to create the best living and business environment possible while recognizing the benefits of being part of the metro area
  • Not all roads lead to Atlanta. Supporters seem to think all roads lead to Atlanta and that that area ITP (Inside The Perimeter) is the job creation center of all of North Georgia, especially the metro area.
  • IF the regional brain trust that devised this monstrosity REALLY wanted to foster regional cooperation in a way that was conducive to economic development, they'd find a way to make our REAL economic development engine (Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport) more effective. A second airport for commuter traffic would do much more for regional cooperation and economic development than this TSPLOST boondoogle.
  • It is a tax that the Governor and legislator's didn't have the courage to do themselves
  • Yes there are some infrastructure problems but not the amount supporters would claim. Business Facilities Magazine says Georgia ranks in the top 10 in the nation for transportation infrastructure
  • . A massive tax increase will hurt rather than help the economy. That is economics 101, just ask Herbert Hoover what raising taxes did for the Great Depression
  • It will greatly expand MARTA, and MARTA is costing taxpayers 500 million per year in subsidies.


  • T-SPLOST is redistribution of wealth from rich counties to poor counties.


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Georgia Hispanic Republicans
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