Open The Gateway to Your Erotic Soul 
Study the Secrets of the G-spot 

Expert G-spot Author and Workshop Leader

November 18-20, 2016
March 24-26, 2017
Retreat near Muenster, Germany 

Expand your knowledge.
Feel your full sexual potential.  

The G-spot has a different nerve than the clitoris. This orgasm is emotional by nature. G-spot orgasms are wildly passionate or melting with love. Female ejaculation is an integral part of this intense release of physical sensations and emotional feelings. Your body floods with nourishing and bonding hormones. Afterward, You feel happy and life feels alive again.   
You have walked through a gateway to your erotic soul.  
In this workshop, you begin this journey with your G-spot. You understand exactly how female ejaculation works in your body. You learn facts about the G-spot, facts about female ejaculation. You discover the G-spot's location in your body.  You learn how female ejaculation is built, stored and released. You experience practices that will empower you.  Your ultra-feminine fountain will flow freely and your G-spot orgasm will roll your soul. 
Experience for yourself
the unique transformation
that the G-spot awakening
offers all women.  
In the workshop. women touch a deep part of their sexual selves. Any emotional or physical sexual obstacles you are carrying will get revealed. Gently, easily, safely by your own hand, under your control, guided by Deborah Sundahl's facilitation. You learn how to heal these through the G-spot. You learn to female ejaculate through this same process. Then, the gateway opens. Another pathway to pleasure is created, another level of aliveness is met, a broader scope of erotic sensations arise in your body. The G-spot is made to be your guide in this process, and you will learn why that is, and how that works. 

workshop alter
L eave your old sexuality at the altar. Go home with a new one! 
Nectar of the Gods
A Sankrit word for
female ejaculation.
Reclaim your divine
feminine birthright.
 your indwelling femininity. 
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Munster Workshop Group room
Cost of Weekend Workshop
Workshop:   325€
280€ by September 30, 2016 
Food and Lodging
116€ dorm, 130€ double, 160€ single 
T his workshop is in English with German translation
This international workshop is a special time that you will treasure.  New skills are learned to use and appreciate for a lifetime. Past participants  talk about their experiences in Testimonies (below).  
I look forward to working with you. Until then,
Let It Flow!
Deborah Sundahl
has taught thousands of women and men throughout North America and Europe through her seminars, lectures, videos and her seminal book what female ejaculate and the G-spot orgasm is and how to do it. Her 30 years of researching the science and ancient history, and teaching the practical applications on this essential subject offer groundbreaking contributions to the field of female sexuality, and specifically sex education.
" Deborah was the feminist big sister I've always wanted to have. I was 
honored that she shared her wisdom, intuition and experience with us. 
She didn't offer simple solutions but encouraged me to find my own path. 
She asked profound questions that helped me to really get to the bottom 
of things. Thank you for the good work, for spreading the word and 
planting seeds!" - Nora Z., Switzerland 
" I learned new things about my own anatomy and my G-spot. Psychologically, I learned a lot about how we women can get in contact with our sexuality and our erotic, feminine sides in a free, joyful and positive way. The entire seminar was a unique experience, which I shared with other women in a confidential, warm and loving atmosphere. Deborah is a wonderful and dedicated teacher with great integrity and experience." - Helle, Copenhagen

" The workshop has given me the most enriching acceptance of the wildness and the animal part of me, allowing me to let go of the tension that I have always felt during lovemaking, but didn't know how to handle. This results in a wild, beautiful, natural spring; a flooding of feminine water that I can choose to let go with an immense relief and a lot of pleasure to both me and my partner!"  - Suzette, Copenhagen  
" I'm so happy to have this new dimension of my sexuality; it makes me change into a strong woman. I feel very feminine now. And powerful. And able to do lots of things. I'm so glad you talk about the emotions related to the G-spot, too!" - Laura, Switzerland 
"I really get in touch with my G-spot now. I worked a lot (at awakening my G-spot), and (my partner and I) know us better and better. I didn't know his existence (in my body) one year ago, and suddenly I feel his (erotic body)  like a part of my body! The new joy that I experience now has many more sensations and stronger orgasms. That makes me really happy, and feel like a wisdom woman in her best age (time of life)." - Corinne from Paris 
" The workshop was a precious experience of deep intimacy with myself. Beside meeting beautiful and curious women (and having a lot of fun), the group's experience allowed me to let go, in a trusting atmosphere, supported by the other women's experiences and energy. Almost all women in the workshop managed to ejaculate; it was an absolute delight to be one of them! To keep on discovering the magical ability of my own juicy body, it felt like a door was open on a wonderful and exciting new way!"  - Maeva, Grenoble, France  
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