It's that time! A milestone on the Road to ICD-10 for home health is upon us. 
It's that time! A milestone on the Road to ICD-10 for home health is upon us. 

Starting August 1, every home health chart we receive will be dually coded in ICD-9 and ICD-10. This is an expansion of the random chart selection process implemented this spring.

This release is intended to help you prepare for the coding transition and address any weaknesses in documentation. 

Why is now the time to comply?


Due to the 60-day benefit period for home health, all claims coded on or after August 3 must comply with ICD-10 requirements.  We're committed to staying ahead, ensuring expertise with the new code set, and continuing a successful coding process for your agency. 


Want to know more?


Check out our on-demand webinar series focused on meeting the new documentation needs in ICD-10. These sessions are designed to help intake coordinators, physicians, and clinicians meet the new requirements.


On-Demand Webinar Series: Learn To Navigate the Road to ICD-10

Home Health Physician Documentation and Intake Needs in ICD-10  


Home Health Clinician Documentation in ICD-10


Presented by: Susan C. Duckett, RN, MSN, HCS-D, COS-C, Home Health OASIS and Coding Manager, McBee Associates, Inc.

Milestone Review

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How is your trip on the road to ICD-10 going? Let us know!