March 20-22, 2017 marked a successful accreditation self-study and team visit for NOCCCD School of Continuing Education.
SCE WASC 2017 Leadership Team with WASC Visiting Team
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WASC Accreditation Edition
March 19-22, 2017 marked a successful accreditation self-study and team visit for NOCCCD School of Continuing Education (SCE)! Nonetheless, the accreditation cycle is still in process.

The Accrediting Commission for Schools (ACS), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) visiting team shared how impressed they were by the ways in which SCE celebrates diversity, cultivates a boundless and growing presence in the community, and implements innovative practices in curriculum and student services. SCE was deemed a courageous leader in the field of noncredit.

Based on the self-study and interactions during the visit, the visiting team identified:

Five Major Areas of Strength
  • SCE employees across all constituency groups are passionate about serving students and have created an institutional culture which embraces diversity.
  • The multi-faceted delivery of services to students is a model for adult education.
  • Innovative use of braided funding allows SCE to offer robust programs to serve their diverse student body.
  • A school-wide trust in leadership creates a climate of collaboration and risk-taking which makes SCE a courageous leader in innovative curriculum design.
  • Through a dynamic synergy with its community partners, SCE is a vital and vibrant institution which provides all students that it serves with pathways to success.
Two Major Key Issues  (also known as goals)
  • Goal 1: Repackage existing learning options in the form of educational pathways and create new educational pathways to increase the likelihood of completion and transition to credit programs and beyond.
  • Goal 2: Align student services from various funding streams to improve student performance as measures by common indicators.
The Visiting Team recommended that SCE strengthen its Institutional Effectiveness Goal by developing a school-wide program improvement model based on data analysis and discussion, and by engaging all faculty, managers, and designated staff in integrated planning efforts.

There were two main goals that the WASC visiting team needed to review as part of the accreditation visit:
  1. Identify school-wide strengths and key focus issues.
  2. Determine SCE's rating as related to the accreditation status.
The findings for the first goal are communicated publicly.  The findings for the second goal are communicated by the visiting team to the WASC Commission confidentially. Based on the self-study, the visiting team report and recommendations, the WASC Commission determines the accreditation status of an institution.

Next Steps...

Although SCE received a stellar visiting team report and validation of its numerous accomplishments, there are a few more steps left to complete the accreditation cycle:
  • The SCE Action Plan will be revised to incorporate Major Key Issues identified by the visiting team. The approved Action Plan will be sent to WASC by June 1, 2017.
  • The Commission will meet to determine and release SCE's accreditation status. Provost Purtell will communicate SCE's standing with staff, faculty, and students as soon as she receives the official notification from the WASC Commission.
A Note from the NOCCCD Chancellor

NOCCCD Chancellor
Dr. Cheryl Marshall
NOCCCD Chancellor  Dr. Cheryl Marshall shared her thoughts with SCE  following the accreditation team visit:

" I want to thank you for the phenomenal job you've done on accreditation. Yesterday confirmed your hard work and dedication to our students and organization, but I want you to know that I consistently see it demonstrated. You are amazing at being innovative, resourceful, collaborative, and attentive to data. I am truly honored to be your colleague and feel very blessed to have some small part in the work you do. I have every confidence you will continue to do excellent work."

Dr. Marshall's words encapsulate the spirit SCE faculty and staff embody as the greatest asset to the school.
NOCCCD FACES of SCE Photo Project

In 2011, SCE received rave reviews from the WASC visiting team. After the visit, the Provost's Office was encouraged  to work on campus aesthetics and creating visual details for the school. As part of the accreditation co-chair responsibilities for the 2017 WASC visit,  Julie Schoepf  set out on a mission to tell a story for SCE students through the walls of its Center locations. She deemed this photo project FACES of SCE.

Over 130 student-focused photos have been installed at all three SCE Centers! Students now get to experience a visual connection as they walk the halls of SCE. Schoepf placed specific photos on the first floor at the Anaheim Campus as a way to help guide students that have a difficult time navigating their way through the maze of classrooms and hallways. At the Cypress and Wilshire Centers, photos were placed according to the specific room locations so students could see themselves or other students they knew. As you take a walk around the SCE Centers, you might even see some familiar faces.
Feedback is coming in! The photos are encouraging students and faculty alike. Both the Provost's and Dean's Offices have received phone calls from faculty and students expressing their excitement about the photos and either seeing themselves, friends, or their children on the hallway walls at "their school."
Schoepf asked Special Projects Manager  Darrylette Johnson and Instructor  Raheem Collins to pose next to their pictures outside of the High School Lab on the first floor at the Anaheim Campus.

Schoepf is excited to share that the FACES of SCE photo project is not complete and will continue into its second phase as she works with the Deans of Instruction and Student Services to determine additional areas where photos are needed at each campus.
Schoepf would like to say thank you to the following staff members who participated in installing the photos:

Sam Aboukhdoud
Martha Gutierrez
Dr. Vaniethia Hubbard
Dennis Davino
Danielle Davy
Glenn Struckman
Mary Ann Babbo
Shelia Moore-Farmer
John San Roman
Steven Jajo
Cheers to a Job Well Done!

Accreditation Co-Chairs Dr. Adam Gottdank and Julie Schoepf cheers with apple cider at the
SCE WASC 2017 Closing Ceremony.

A BIG thank you to SCE's fearless accreditation leaders and co-chairs Dr. Adam Gottdank and Julie Schoepf!  This dynamic duo paved the way for a successful accreditation self-study and team visit. The WASC visiting team described Dr. Gottdank as the "top dog" providing endless support while Schoepf was likened to a cruise director with her extraordinary planning skills. SCE appreciates all you do for this institution.
Congratulations to Lifeskills Education Advancement Program Administrative Assistant II  Tayler Thomas  for winning two tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach! Thomas participated in a photo contest to review the accreditation self-study report prior to the team visit.
LEAP prepared for the WASC team visit with story time. What are they reading, you ask? Nothing other than the accreditation self-study report, of course.

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