Get Healthy for Good, Santa Rosa! - Week 2
Our Health For Good initiative is off to a great start! We had a great turnout at last Wednesday's group walks (see photos below) and we hope that each of you were inspired to incorporate walking into your work day.
This week's topic is "Get in the Game: Sports Fitness." There are a lot of fun ways to keep you motivated and interested in improving your health through physical activity.

Participating in sports can be a great way to get active or stay that way. Most sports require a combination of strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. They typically involve regular practice, which helps you stay active. And the goal of competing or improving performance can be a great motivator. 

The amount of active training will vary with each sport. You would not train the same way for volleyball as for soccer. You might, however, cross train. Cross training includes a variety of fitness activities. 

The weekly goal for adults is at least: 
  • 150 minutes of moderate exercise OR 
  • 75 minutes of vigorous exercise OR 
  • a combination of the two 
Moderate activity means you can usually talk or hold a conversation while you do it. Vigorous activity means you may only be able to say a few words before getting out of breath. 

Kids should get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day.  Team and individual sports can be a fun way to meet some of your family's activity goals. Look for opportunities through your workplace, school or community recreation center. 

Basketball (game) 
Downhill skiing 
Ballroom dancing 
Hunting & fishing 
Table tennis (ping pong) 
Boxing or sparring 
Tennis (doubles) 
Tennis (singles) 

We would also like to share an opportunity to participate in a fun run-walk for charity:

Pace Masonic Lodge #349 a nd Aaron's Sales & Lease 
c ordially invites you to our first annual Four-M ile Fun Run-Walk for Charity on  April 29

Register at 8:30 a.m. * Runners start at 9 a.m. * Walkers start at 9:15 a.m.

The course begins and ends at the Pace Masonic Lodge: 5158 East Spencer Field Road in Pace.  This charity event will benefit The Back Pack Program for Santa Rosa students.
Cost: $7 per person and includes food and refreshments. Children under six are free!  Come out and support the children of our community!