Rev. Jared Sawyer
Minister, singer, and accomplished author, Jared Sawyer Jr., 17, is a young man of vision, ambition, and spirituality. When he was just 5, he was called by God in a dream into the gospel ministry; now having have preached for more than half of his life - 12 years. When he was just 16, his first published book, I Belong To God: Staying On The Christian Path to Success, appeared in the top 40% percentile of books purchased on Amazon. Available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and bookstores worldwide, "I Belong To God" (2013), has and continues to resound and minister in encouraging ways to thousands of diverse individuals, both nationally and internationally. Supported and endorsed by elected officials such as Nathan Deal, Governor of the State of Georgia and Hank Johnson, Representative in the US Congress, the book presents the notion that life is indeed a difficult journey; but let it not have possession over us - we do not belong to our problems or enemies, we belong to God. Game Changers host, Lisa Faulkner is elated to sit down and talk with Jared and learn more about how such a young man imparts wisdom to stay on the Christian path to success. 

In November 2015, Sawyer anticipates to release his second book, 911: The Spiritual Emergency System. Jared's support system has always been his family and being rooted in the word of God. Jared was featured in a documentary, The Child Preacher (2008), produced by The British Broadcasting Company Radio, where his life was shadowed to analyze his interaction with youth at school, ministry aspirations and description of his efforts in spirituality, which was nominated for an award in Manchester, England. He was also featured in a second documentary entitled Around the World in 80 Faiths, a British television series originally aired by the BBC in 2009, where he represented the Baptist denomination of the religion of Christianity. He is the 2013 recipient of the Trailblazer Leadership Award from Beulah Heights University. In November of 2012, he was graced to be the invocation speaker for the National Black MBA Association. Jared was also the keynote speaker for Howard University's Paul Anthony Dillard Scholarship Foundation Awards program in Washington, DC in 2009. 

Jared has been licensed and ordained by the Baptist Church. Although he is young, Jared is no stranger to being in the company of music greats. By the age of 8, he had already performed on various platforms, been featured in media, and at conferences/or events with Donald Lawrence, Shirley Caesar, Luther Barnes, Donnie McClurkin, Fred Hammond, Mary Mary, and other gospel artists. He is a national media spokesperson for the American Heart Association (AHA) and advocate for civil and human rights, as a devout member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, also known as the NAACP and the National Action Network, active in the Youth Move Campaign. 

He has appeared on WATC-57, the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN), Fox, ABC, and other Online, Television and Radio conduits, sending a message to the world that "age is nothing but a number." Jared is the founder of the National Youth Empowerment Initiative (NYEI), a nonprofit organization devoted to academic achievement, moral development and societal connection for youth and young adults. 

In Fall of 2015, Jared will attend Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia and major in Religion, minoring in Philosophy. Jared is now 17 years old, graduating from high school in May of 2015, and the best is indeed yet to come. His motto is "Praise is what I do" and millions of people around the world can attest that they know he was placed on this earth to do just that. Listen Saturday as we join in the praise with Rev. Jared Sawyer.
Andre Willis
Having enjoyed all the benefits of a "well-to-do" life style and lived in the lime light while managing the legendary Rock-n-Roll star, "Little Richard", Pastor Dre's life took the ultimate turn from glamorous to being homeless. There was never a time that he expected to live from place to place or even in a card board box called "HOME." As a minister of a small modest church in rural Rocky Mount and Wilson, North Carolina, Pastor Dre' has seen it all. Andre' A. R. Willis is known affectionately by his family, congregation and community as Pastor Dre'. He recently registered his name as Eli Marshall-Evans Grant along with the publishing of his autobiography. The new book Been There, Done Dat...Got the T-Shirt tells a story of successes and lessons learned throughout his life. He fills you with both tears & laughter as you follow his journey. Pastor Dre' is the creator of the stage play based on the book Been There, Done Dat...Got the T-Shirt where there are motivating performance, electrifying and heartfelt messages that offer a true roadmap to success and the tools to overcome challenges and obstacles found in everyday life. Pastor Dre' will make the same offerings to the Game Changers audience on Saturday.

In 2007, Eli founded and became the pastor at New Life Tabernacle Praise & Worship Ministries, based in Snellville, Georgia (outside of Atlanta). Later, New Life Tabernacle grew into A Refreshing Word Ministries in Lilburn Ga. Pastor Eli is also steadfast in his belief that more Veterans deserve the support of the country. As the CEO and Founder of The City of Life Foundation, under A Refreshing Word Ministries based in Lilburn, Ga., he saw the call to action in his vision and the awareness of many social needs affecting America. 

Eli is also known to many as the "Biking Pastor". He has ridden his 10 speed bike some 7,000 miles cumulatively, twice to the White House and to Oprah's Studio in Chicago in 2009. Eli accomplished his goal which was to meet Oprah Winfrey. He made it to the studios and next to her on stage. The previous two bike campaigns were on behalf of humanity and the many social issues we face as a country; homelessness, illiteracy and physical challenges/disabilities. Today he has added both Autism and Down Syndrome. Eli directed his passion to making a difference in the lives of others. He has demonstrated how it is done not just once but 4 times. 

NOW in 2015 - The May 2015 campaign launch sets in motion BIKE4H.I.P.E. A/D. Join in the support for the City of Life Foundation's BIKE 4 H.I.P.E-A/D. Where the campaign begins the journey to raise awareness and provide funding for the City of Life Foundation's mission. 

Pastor Dre' finished his theological and business administration studies at Oakwood in Huntsville, Alabama and Southwestern Union College in Kileen,Texas. Married for only a few years with a combined family of 4 children, he has continued to build dreams that foster social change. He has maintained a home in the Atlanta area since 1989. When he isn't addressing countless audiences from schools to churches and theaters, he is sharing and inspiring people from all walks of life like those listening Saturday to Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner and Pastor Dre'!



Mariah Jerido
Mariah M. Jerido, Author of
The Black Angel Memoirs Of A Preacher's Daughter. Mariah is also the CEO, Founder and Executive Producer of Beautiful By Jer!do for her upcoming Reality T.V. Show, Majestic Models and Models with Flaws. A Game Changer with a full load just like we love them. Author Mariah was in a comma for two months after a devastating near death car accident May 24th 2003. She awoke with brain injuries and survived to tell her story.

It is a story that has inspired her to reach out to women everywhere to let them know that they are not alone in their recovery. Mariah is doing her part to motivate, support and make a difference in the lives of others. Mariah says, "Life has been a struggle trying to get back out to be a Woman In Business, with no funds, little help, no direction and confused at times." But through it all Mariah has depended on God and Her faith to see her through letting her spirit lead the way to meet the right people. Listen in Saturday to learn if you are one of the right people to support and/or follow Mariah's efforts with her TV show; producing; photography; magazine; singing and all that flies in the face of challenges.

Even after a near death accident, doctors said she will never be the same because of her Brain Trauma and slight Amnesia. While her memory loss is definitely a challenge Mariah allows God to lead her to new ways to manage everyday life that has allowed her to become a master mind in her new areas of focus. Definitely a game changer she learned to read, walk and talk all over again while partially blind in one eye that vision has returned to. 

Mariah is fulfilling another dream in her life now attending The Art Institute of Atlanta. Game Changers would like to thank Milton Davis of Plug M E N2U for bringing us Mariah while giving her opportunities to share her story on many platforms. Mariah has that same give back passion and telling Lisa all about it Saturday on Game Changers.
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