Dear Friends,
This newsletter is packed with upcoming events, initiatives and campaigns. We hope you will join in making Oakland better together!

On this November's ballot, Oakland voters will have the opportunity to weigh in on an Independent Police Commission, Renters' Protections and an Infrastructure and Affordable Housing Bond. If you would like to volunteer to support the campaigns of any of these measures, please send me an email and I will connect you. Highlights of each measure are summarized below.

Independent Police Commission
This measure was brought forward initially by the Coalition for Police Accountability, a group of residents concerned about police misconduct and dedicated to increasing police accountability in Oakland. 

Over the past two months, the legislation was debated in public and edited to build consensus among the City Councilmembers and Mayor. The result is a proposal for a much strengthened independent civilian body that:

1) imposes discipline in police misconduct cases,

2) makes recommendations to the City Council for policy changes in the Oakland Police Department,

3) holds the power to remove the Police Chief for cause.

Renter Protection Measure
This measure was initially brought forward by a Coalition of concerned residents, advocates and labor groups. The Coalition's main concerns are the displacement of long-term tenants in Oakland and challenges currently facing the Rent Arbitration Office in the City of Oakland.

Highlights of this ballot measure include:

1) Expanding Just Cause for Eviction protections to units built prior to January 1, 1995.

2) Requiring property owners to petition for rent increases in excess of the annual CPI increase, except for banked increases.

Affordable Housing and Infrastructure Bond
I co-authored this measure with Mayor Libby Schaaf and Councilmember Abel Guillen and the legislation was approved by a majority City Council vote to be placed on the November ballot. The "Invest in Oakland's Infrastructure & Affordable Housing" measure addresses two issues in desperate need of our attention:

1) crumbling infrastructure (e.g., streets, bike paths, parks, libraries, city facilities) and

2) the insufficiency of affordable housing in our City.

The City of Oakland works hard with limited resources to address the housing affordability crisis, fix our streets and roads and repair our playfields, libraries and city facilities.  But the need is daunting. Recent estimates suggest that there are more than 2.5 billion dollars in unmet investment needs in Oakland's public infrastructure. 

This measure will help make Oakland a safe, vibrant community to live, work, and raise a family by investing in our crumbling infrastructure so it's safer and easier to drive, walk, and bike, and it will help protect Oakland residents from being forced to move out of our community.

This Fall, I plan to knock on doors in District 4 and beyond to talk to neighbors about all of these measures and the Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax. I hope to see you out there and invite you to join me!

In Service to Oakland,


From 10am - 12pm at The Hive in the Dimond District at 2139 MacArthur Blvd. Every first Saturday of the month. Staffed by Jamila English. 

These District 4 Office Hours will take place at the Laurel Street Fair on MacArthur Boulevard between High Street and 35th Avenue, please come say hello anytime between 10:30am - 1:30pm. Look for the big "Annie Campbell Washington" sign. Usually these office hours are from 10am - 12pm at The Fairfax Freedom Farm Stand at 5316 Fairfax Avenue every second Saturday of the month.  Staffed by Jamila English.
Asia is a lovely Chihuahua/terrier mix who is about two years old. She's a friendly and social girl who loves people and has gotten along well with all of her kennel mates. She came to us as a stray but seems to have been well cared for. She walks nicely on leash and has a very good 'sit'. Asia is a good-natured and happy girl who is ready to find her real forever home.

To meet Asia, come to Oakland Animal Services, 1101 29th Avenue in Oakland.

Neighborhoods are safer when neighbors know each other.


Please join us for this year's National Night Out event on Tuesday, August 2nd! We encourage you to join friends and families at an event in your neighborhood. It's a great way to build relationships with your neighbors, and help to support safety and community. 

Here is a list of all registered Oakland events. There are dozens in District 4!

I am proud to have co-sponsored legislation, with City Attorney Barbara Parker and my colleagues City Councilmembers Abel Guillen and Rebecca Kaplan, making it illegal for so-called crisis pregnancy centers to misrepresent themselves as medical clinics or objective health care counselors when in reality they are fronts for anti-abortion activists. 

What Are Crisis Pregnancy Centers? 
In recent years, it has become common for anti-choice activists to establish facilities -- often called crisis pregnancy centers or limited services pregnancy centers -- as a ruse to counsel women against abortion, instead of providing balanced counseling or medical services.
Some of these facilities are licensed to provide some medical services to pregnant women, and some openly acknowledge their anti-abortion mission. However, many are not licensed to provide medical treatment, and seek to mislead potential clients into believing that their facilities offer abortion services and unbiased counseling.

Oakland Setting Example for the State and the Nation  
The City of Oakland respects the right of crisis pregnancy centers to counsel against abortion if they are honest about the services they provide - and don't provide. Under this new law, which went into effect immediately at the Tuesday, July 19th City Council meeting, the centers are prohibited from making false, misleading and/or deceptive statements in order to confuse women who are seeking critical health care services. This law gives the City Attorney the power to sue violators and collect civil penalties and attorney's fees, helping to put an end to these injustices against women.


Last month, a group of motivated teens came to visit me at City Hall to talk about the temporary skateboard ramp that used to be featured in Montclair Park. Their faces lit up when they talked about having their own spot in the park to gather and have fun. 


These teens asked for our help to bring a semi-permanent skate ramp back to Montclair Park and we're all in! We've committed to leading a fundraising effort to secure $20,000 for the construction and materials for the ramp.

At a public meeting on July 9th in Montclair Park, we shared plans and ideas and kicked off the fundraising campaign. In addition to our office, the teens have gained the assistance of Keith "K Dub" Williams, who created Town Park skate park in West Oakland.
Montclair parents Marie and David Brady created a website for this project. Support your neighborhood young folks today and contribute what you can. Donations will be accepted and processed by the Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation, a 501(c)3.
Special thank you to Marie Brady, Mimi Rohr, Keith "K-Dub" Williams, Ken Lupoff and our inspired young people for their tenacity in working on this project.

On Tuesday, September 13th, I'll be presenting legislation at the City Council's Community Economic Development Committee to help support our local business districts zoned as CN-1 districts. Small business owners and community members brought the need for this legislation to our attention, specifically in the Dimond District, where zoning regulations sometimes make it difficult to create the type of business diversity that makes a business district thrive.

The Resolution requests that the Planning Commission consider CN-1 Zoning Regulation changes to allow the City to deem that a use permit has been abandoned if the use has been discontinued or its business license is allowed to lapse for more than one year.

In the coming weeks, we will be posting the proposed legislation on the City website, in preparation for what we look forward to being a productive committee discussion.

Thank you to the Dimond Improvement Association and the Montclair Village Association for their assistance in moving this forward and for helping us to make Oakland's business districts stronger and more vibrant.

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please don't hesitate to call my office at 510-238-7004.
On Tuesday, September 13th,
I will present legislati on at the City Council's Community Economic Development Committee to assist the exciting new recurring public art event called "Art In The Street" with an ongoing street encroachment permit, allowing neighbors to organize these events more easily and engage community members in public art on a regular basis.
The Ordinance I have introduced will provide a c onditional permit to Dimond Improvement Association to Allow the "Art In The Street" event to encroach into Champion Street between MacArthur Boulevard and Lincoln Avenue on the second Sunday of each month from April to September between 12 and 6pm.

If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please don't hesitate to call my office at 510-238-7004.
We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Oakland Volunteer Park Patrol program and encourage your participation!
The mission of Oakland Volunteer Park Patrol (OVPP) is to improve the quality and safety of City parks. OVPP participants will be given special training to assist park users, support emergency responders, and report park issues to the proper City of Oakland agencies.
OVPP, established in Dimond Canyon and Joaquin Miller Park, is a pilot program for a potential citywide, volunteer park patrol effort.
This program is being launched by an Exploratory Committee  with sponsorship from, lead by  my District 4 City Council Office, City staff support from the Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, and volunteer support from the Oakland Bike Patrol, East Bay Regional Parks District Volunteer Trail Safety Patrol, Friends of Joaquin Miller Park, Piedmont Pines Neighborhood Association and the Bicycle Council of the East Bay.

Learn more about this exciting, new volunteer opportunity Visit for more details.
Last week, the Council unanimously approved a resolution I brought forward with my colleague, President Pro Tem Larry Reid, from the Oakland City Council to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) urging action to address the increased noise impact here in Oakland. You can read the resolution here.

Earlier this year we voiced your concerns and asked our colleagues on the City Council to state the City's support for two bills moving through Congress (HR 3384 and HR 3965), which you can read here. Here is a brief summary of those two bills:

- HR 3384 - Quiet Communities Act of 2015 -- Helps to carry out a national noise control research program, assessing the impacts of noise from varied noise sources on mental and physical health. 

- HR 3965 - FAA Community Accountability Act of 2015 -- Takes action to limit negative impacts on the human environment in the vicinity of an affected airport; and may give preference to overlays of existing flight paths or procedures to ensure compatibility with land use in the vicinity of an affected airport.
Remembering with so much respect and admiration, the marvelous Adelle Foley, as we celebrate her life. A vibrant and giving community leader, Adelle made an enormous impact on all who knew her.

ADELLE JOAN FOLEY (August 15, 1940-June 27, 2016) was a poet, a social, neighborhood and arts activist, and, for the past twenty years, a member of the administration of AC Transit. She was, in addition, a devoted and loving mother to her son, Sean Foley, and a deep friend to her daughter-in-law, Kerry. She married poet Jack Foley on December 21, 1961 (the longest night of the year), and their marriage was a long and happy one. The Foleys are familiar and much-loved figures in the local poetry scene, performing duets of Jack's unique choral pieces and Adelle's haiku. Beat poet Michael McClure wrote, "Adelle Foley's haikus show us humanity. Their vitality and imagination shine from her compassion; from seeing things as they truly are." Jack writes of "Your presence next to me as we read poetry together...your voice rising to mine."

What a beautiful day in Dimond Park! Thank you to everyone who came out with their neighbors to view the Grand Opening of the Sausal Creek project. Dimond Park is  one of our most beloved and treasured spots, and was an amazing 
setting for the Grand Opening of the Sausal Creek project, the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Friends of Sausal Creek, an Open House and Community Picnic and fabulous performance by the amazing Circus Bella!

Thank you to Oakland Public Works staff members Kristin Hathaway and Lesley Estes, for guiding this project to a successful & beautiful conclusion. This project contributes significantly to a happier and healthier Oakland.

This month, the Melrose High Hopes community held the 2016 Fiesta Block Party! This was an incredible opportunity to meet neighbors, community leaders and merchants and welcome new individuals to the neighborhood. It's an  amazing event full of music, dancing, arts and crafts and community!

Woodminster celebrates its 50th year this year! Thank you to Harriet Schlader and the Advisory Board for their leadership and guidance to keep the show going year after year.  We thoroughly enjoyed the opening performance of SHREK, the Musical, earlier this month.

Performances of Chicago will be underway starting next week, at 8 pm on August 5, 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14.  Chicago satirizes corruption in the criminal justice system through the stories of husband-killers Velma and Roxie, and their "celebrity lawyer," Billy Flynn.  It is this combination of serious issues and spectacular, iconic dance numbers that has made it the longest-running show in Broadway history.  

For more information, please  visit the website. 

Here are some of the programs the Woodminster Theater production company, Producers' Associates, has established to make live theater affordable for Oakland families:

Oaklanders' Half Price* Opening Nights - On August 5, opening night for Chicago, Oakland residents can use the code word "MyCity" and show ID with an Oakland address, and get half price tickets in any section. 

Groups of 25 or More - Half price* tickets on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, available in advance.

Kids Come Free - Any regular performance, any child or teen up to 16 years old can attend for free with an adult paying full price. (We are cautioning parents that Chicago includes adult themes and is rather dark.  Teens may like it quite a bit, but small children may not find it very interesting.)

Millennials' Half Price* - Any performance, 30 minutes or less before curtain, anyone with an ID showing they are 17-30 years old can get half price* tickets.  This promo is new this year to celebrate our 50th season.

$20 Dress Rehearsals -  August 4, the night BEFORE opening night for Chicago, we open the final rehearsal to the public for a flat $20.  No reserved seating, no Kids Come Free or other promos or discounts.

*Half price is adjusted for city facility fee.  (Regular tickets range from $30 to $64.  Half Price tickets range from $17 to $34.)

We are so lucky as Oaklanders to have this theater underneath the stars and the redwood trees. Take advantage of this treasure!

Get your  tickets here:

We are proud to honor the service of Oakland's World War II Veterans by organizing an Honor Flight to Washington, DC -- a trip for 26 WWII Veterans from Oakland to visit their memorial.

The City of Oakland and the Bay Area Honor Flight Foundation are jointly sponsoring an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, DC for 26 World War II community veterans and their escorts on September 8-10, 2016. For more information, please take a look at our Public Service Announcement here:

Trip to the Nation's Capitol to Honor Our Veterans PSA 
We have officially kicked off our field campaign with several community meetings to support Oakland's Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax. Thank you to the Coalition for Healthy Oakland Children and all the Oakland neighbors and youth who have come out to support our campaign.

I am proud to have authored this legislation that was passed unanimously by the Oakland City Council to place on the November ballot a measure that would impose a 1-cent per ounce excise fee on the distributors of sugary-sweetened beverages in the City of Oakland.

This tax comes in response to alarming research indicating that more than 54 percent of the adult population in California suffers from prediabetes and diabetes. Additionally, one-third of all children and nearly half of African-American and Latino children are predicted to develop diabetes in their lifetimes as a direct result of sugar intake. This number is as a shock to many, considering Type 2 diabetes was a rare disease 100 years ago. Researchers and policy-makers indicate that one of the main contributors to the rise of Type 2 diabetes is the over-consumption of sugar in our diet. Sugary-sweetened beverages are the source of more than 50% of the added sugar in our diet.

The soda tax will provide a critical funding stream for education and programs to figh t the diseases associated with drinking sugary beverages -- Type 2 diabetes and tooth decay.

If you've seen the ads and flyers already circulating from the Beverage Industry, you know that they're willing to lie about this tax. This is a one penny per ounce tax on soda distributors. This is not a tax on groceries.

We need you! Please get involved in the campaign to support the Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax today by signing up here.

Sign up to get updates on the Oakland Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax campaign by clicking on the "Learn More" button below.
An Oakland senior, Mr. Julius Gaines, is now featured as part of Meals on Wheels America's biggest-ever national campaign to recruit new volunteers to serve the nation's elderly population. "America, Let's Do Lunch" will tell the stories of a few of the 2.4 million seniors Meals on Wheels serves each year.
Mr. Julius Gaines is a longtime Oakland resident of District 6 and lives on historic Picardy Drive near Mills College.  Mr. Gaines has been receiving Meals on Wheels since 2009 when he suffered a debilitating stroke. We are committed to taking care of those who once took care of us.  Mr. Gaines' career was as an educational counselor in the Berkeley Unified School District.
Currently more than 10 million (1 in 6) seniors face the threat of hunger, and more than 15 million are living alone in isolation. The "America, Let's Do Lunch" campaign brings the often-overlooked issue of senior isolation and hunger front and center.  

Visit for more information and a list of easy ways volunteers can help and the impact Meals on Wheels volunteers have on the lives of seniors.
TUESDAY, AUGUST 2nd, 5 - 9pm
Various locations.
Each year, the City of Oakland  helps  to facilitate gatherings of neighborhood and community groups for National Ni ght Out.This year's Night Out will take place on Tuesday, August 2nd. We encourage you to join an event in your community as  its a great  way to bring people together and build relationships with your neighbors, helping to support safety and community. 

Here  is a list of all registered Oakland events, there are dozens in District 4!
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3rd, 7 - 9pm
Dimond Public Library, 3565 Fruitvale Avenue, Oakland
The next general meeting of the Dimond Improvement Association (DIA) is coming up August 3rd. This meeting is transportation-focused. Hear from CalTrans about plans to replant trees and make other improvements around the park and ride lot. Learn about transportation measures for AC Transit, BART, and the City of Oakland on our November ballot. Get informed, ask questions, and share an evening with your community. Everyone is welcome!
SATURDAY, AUGUST 13th, 11am - 6pm
Laurel Business District, MacArthur Blvd. between 35th Ave. and High St.
The Laurel Street Fair is proud to be celebrating its 17th year of maintaining an admission free, outdoor festival that is open to all! 2016 proves to be the biggest year yet; featuring over three blocks of locally made accessories and crafts, fantastic visual & performance artists, free community yoga, an engaging children's carnival & petting zoo, a mouth-watering collection of local chefs & pop-up kitchens , California Beer Society's Laurel Biergarten "Pouring Oakland's finest brews" featuring over 20 local craft beers, and, of course, a musical line up that honors Oakland's exceptionally beautiful & diverse population. 

Join us for an afternoon of celebrating one of Oakland's most unique and thriving neighborhoods, our beloved Laurel District! And come say hello to the District 4 Council Office!
SUNDAY, AUGUST 14th, 12 - 6pm
Dimond District, Champion Street at MacArthur Blvd.
Dimond Public Art is excited to host another ART IN THE STREET, a free community event celebrating our local art scene. Relax and enjoy a curated mix of outdoor market stalls alongside some of your favorite street food vendors. Music and activities for the kids, too.

If you are interested in participating as a vendor, please visit: .
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1st, 11am - 6pm
Dimond Business District, Fruitvale Ave. and MacArthur Blvd., Oakland
Oaktoberfest celebrates the history, the flavors, and the people of the Bay Area. The Festival is a FREE public event, please support the effort by purchasing food and beverages from Oaktoberfest vendors and Dimond District businesses.

Oakland's Dimond District hosts this one-of-a-kind Fall Festival, welcoming thousands with craft beer & food, entertainment, arts, and ecology. The Dimond continues a tradition as an entertainment destination, begun in the early 1900's when Beer Gardens and German vacation resorts lined the boulevard. Oaktoberfest will bring world-class beer to the tented beer hall, serving steins of traditional German flavors and regional brew pub favorites.
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 15th, 10am - 2pm
Brookdale Park, High Street and Brookdale, Oakland
Our next "Beautiful Oakland Spaces" event will take place at  Brookdale Recreation Center and  Discovery Center. Normally, we choose a school for a one-day volunteer project, but this event will spruce up a well-loved neighborhood recreation center. Brookdale Park includes a Recreation Center, separate Discovery Center and a Tot Lot. 
20 years ago, the Brookdale Discovery Center was founded by Rich Bolecek. Rich created a hands-on science workshop for kids, a sort of homemade, hand-me-down, mini-Exploratorium in a house that once was a boarded-up symbol of neighborhood blight in the Allendale neighborhood in District 4.

Today, the Brookdale Discovery Center, Recreation and Tot Lot are all due for some love and attention. On Saturday, October 15th, we will gather for a day-long service project day to significantly improve all of the spaces by painting, cleaning and rebuilding.  

In addition, I'm launching a fundraising campaign to make more significant capital improvements to the Tot Lot.  This beautiful park, recreation center and student "maker" facility are incredible assets to the Brookdale, Allendale, Fairfax and Melrose neighborhoods. Please let me know if you would like to be part of the effort to make significant capital improvements to these amenities, by emailing Nayeli Maxson at
You are invited to make new friends and build community by joining Keep Dimond Clean volunteers. Keep Dimond Clean and Keep Dimond Park Clean are volunteer programs of the Dimond Improvement Association (DIA).  Volunteer times are listed below:
SATURDAYS from 9am to 10am
Meet at 9am in the Giant Burger parking lot, 2055 MacArthur Blvd. 
Corner of MacArthur Blvd and Dimond Ave.
Leaders:  Zandile (organizer of KDC),  JoAnn, Tom, Karen Marie, David

WEDNESDAYS from 8:30am to 9:30am
Meet at 8:30am in the Giant Burger parking lot, 2055 MacArthur Blvd. 
Leaders: Noel and MarySue

MONDAYS from 8am to 9am
Leader: Marion
Meet in front of the tennis courts at Fruitvale and Lyman at 8am.

LA FARINE BAKERY provides treats and coffee/tea to Keep Dimond Clean volunteers.

To donate to the fundraiser for the paid maintenance crew that removes litter from the Dimond District on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday go to the Keep Dimond Clean website

This is a local fundraiser with an annual community donation goal of $6000.
Donations can be made by check or credit card.  Current community donations total $4800 including $500 donation from 2 Star Market and $500 donation from Little Caesars Pizza   
One important role as Councilmember is appointing residents to our local Boards and Commissions. If you are interested in assisting Oakland as a member of one of the following Boards and Commissions, please don't hestitate to reach out to my office at 510-238-7004.

1.  Children's Fund Planning & Oversight Committee - 1 adult and 1 youth seat
2. Youth Advisory Commission - 2 seats
3. Community Action Partnership Administrating Board - 4 seats will be available
4. Cannabis Regulatory Commission - 1 seat
5. Wildfire Prevention Assessment District Board - 2 seats available
6. Alameda County Grand Jury - 1 seat available
Thank you for all that you do for the City of Oakland!  We are delighted to serve this beautiful community.  Please reach out to us with ideas or concerns. 
We want to hear from you!

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