Beach Babe 60 Day Challenge begins Thursday June 1st!
Are you ready to transform your body, lose weight and inches all while enjoying the foods you love? 

Let us help you get and STAY in shape all summer long!

The life & body changing barre n9ne® 
Beach Babe 60 Day Challenge  is BACK and better than ever! 

Whether you are a B9 newbie, a veteran B9er, or a former B9er who just needs a little help getting back to the barre, there is no time like the present to dedicate a few hours a week to YOU and your health and fitness goals! 

The warm weather IS coming- I know it doesn't seem like it but it IS! Summer is my favorite time of year! Clothes get  smaller & days get longer :) 

It is the best time for extra get togethers with friends and family, fun and {yummy} cookouts, lazy beach days, long weekends, sitting poolside and kids home from school! 

I actually find it as the most challenging time to stay on a consistent fitness routine because there is such a lack of routine!  

This year I have extra motivation with my wedding date coming up quickly! I want to look and feel amazing in my dress and every time I ask for your help and extra motivation you deliver! So here I am again! I'm going to be sweating for the wedding and I want you all by my side! I know so many barre n9ne ladies are getting married this summer as well so this is for you too! We can do this together! 

The history: The barre n9ne ®  60 day challenge was originally launched in August 2011 with the help of two of our barre n9ne instructors, sisters Jessica and Jolene.  This program is a 2 month long journey that will change your life, body and the way you think about food and exercise- forever! 

Over the past 7 years I have realized we all have similar "wants"...
  • To love what we see when we look in the mirror.
  • To look and FEEL amazing in the clothes we wear.
  • To be proud of ourselves and our bodies.
Our 60 day challenge program is not a diet. It is a lifestyle dedicated to YOU and your fitness goals, whatever they may be.   We  will help you establish a solid foundation for long term success! 

Hundreds and hundreds of women have lost weight and inches through our 60 day challenge program but what they have gained is the important stuff: confidence, feeling comfortable in their own skin, a new sense of self, new eating habits and most importantly a ton of new friends! 

Our community of women is the best!  Everyone is supportive of each other, motivational, encouraging and truly happy to celebrate each others success! 

If you are ready to amp up your fitness routine, gain new knowledge surrounding food and exercise,  and best of all look in the mirror and see your best self, join us for the Beach Babe 60 Day Challenge!

Be sure to read through everything below to ensure you don't miss any important details and of course that amazing prize! 

We can't wait to do this together!

Tanya and the barre n9ne team!

What does the 60 day challenge entail? 
  • In studio classes (B9 and/or R+S) or virtual, or all three!
  • 10,000 or more steps per day- these can be walking or running steps! (you will need a pedometer, fitbit, or step tracking device!)
  • 10 minutes of sweat every day! You will have access to three private videos once the challenge begins!
  • Optional weighing and measuring-Before, 30 day and 60 day mark!
  • Optional Before and after pictures!
  • Exclusive access to our private Beach Babe Facebook group!
  • Two FREE guest passes. Bring two friends who have never been to class before anytime during the challenge. 
  • 10% off regularly priced class packages for Danvers, Andover, & Woburn until September 29, 2017!
  • Nutritional information, guidance and analysis.
  • 10% off any in studio apparel or accessories in Danvers, Andover & Woburn during the challenge. This discount is to be used for yourself. 
There's more, read on!

Important dates!

The challenge runs 
Thursday June 1st-Sunday July 30th! 

Optional Measuring Sessions Below!

*While not mandatory, we highly recommend attending a measuring session to ensure the best possible success! 

 *Please note, we cannot accommodate individual measuring appointments outside the measuring times listed. We can offer you an informational video on how to measure on your own!

Below are opportunities for you to be measured so that we can track your results for you. Measuring is optional but highly recommended. 

Monday May 29th

Andover Studio 9:30am-10:30am 
Woburn Studio 4pm-5pm. 
Woburn Studio 7:20pm-8pm

Tuesday May 30th

Woburn Studio 10:05am-12pm
Danvers Studio 4:30pm-6:30pm

Wednesday May 31st

Andover Studio 9:30am-10:30am
Andover Studio 3:30pm-4:15pm
Andover Studio 7:05pm-8pm. 

Once you have purchased the package we will send you a link to sign up sheet and reserve a measuring slot!

Halfway AND Final Measuring Dates! 

Halfway Measurings:

Tuesday June 27th Woburn Studio 5:30pm-7:30pm
Wednesday June 28th Andover Studio 7pm-8pm
Thursday June 29th Danvers Studio 6:35pm-8pm 

Final Measurings: 

Monday July 31st Woburn Studio 4pm-5pm AND 7:20pm-8pm
Tuesday August 1st Danvers Studio 5pm-7pm
Wednesday August 2nd Andover Studio 3:30pm-4:15pm AND 7:05pm-8pm

How to stay on track!

We want to help you stay accountable! Each participant will receive short booklet via email which will include worksheets for tracking:  
  • Daily activity
  • Water intake 
  • Weekly goals  
  • 60 day goals


In reality the grand prize is YOUR HOT NEW BODY but we all love PRIZES RIGHT? 

The person who loses the most will win an unlimited month of classes! 

 The unlimited month will activate by August 7, 2017 no exceptions!

You must be measured by Tanya or Rebecca to be eligible to win the grand prize. The winner of the challenge will be announced on August 3rd via Instagram, Facebook and through our mass email system. The announcement will include their before and after photo. 

We offer 2 package options to accommodate you!

3 classes per week (27 classes) = $275


*Unlimited classes throughout the challenge = $330
(max of 30 classes/month)
*$10 late cancelation fee applies for each late cancel/no show
12 hour late cancelation policy is listed on our website

You get to manage your schedule. We do encourage you to select the option that offers the most consistency i.e If you select the 3x per week option, you should aim to come to class 3x per week every week instead of 2x one week, 4x the next week, zero times the following week, etc.

 However if you are traveling for a week and need to mix it up you can! 

We also offer live virtual classes so technically you can still "take class" even when you cannot get to the studio!  

*We are happy to offer a payment plan for the unlimited option. You may pay $165 when you sign up and the additional $165 on June 30, 2017.  Email us if you are interested in the 50/50 option and we will send you additional details. 

*Important note: should you decide to withdraw from the challenge before June 30, 2017 for any reason, you will be required to pay the remaining balance of $165. 

*If you are currently a pre-anniversary unlimited month member or a $155 auto pay member and would like to participate in the 60 Day Challenge please email us and we will explain how to do so! 

Beach Babe Challenge Sign Ups Close on Wednesday May 31st! 

Space is limited so don't delay in signing up!