September 2015

Welcome Back Teachers! Try our 3 activities to build community in your classroom
What if your students saw only 2 words in the front of the room when they enter your class: 
Cooperation and Collaboration?  We want to support our students' individual achievement as they practice becoming 
effective team members to collaboratively design solutions for the challenges of the future. Give your students the opportunity to make cooperation and collaboration the foundation of your classroom culture.

Building Community Beyond the Classroom 
The importance of community-building extends beyond the classroom. Availability of fresh water is a challenge to many communities around the globe, not just in drought-stricken California. 
Join CELF's Student Ambassadors to connect your personal actions with like-minded youth from around the world. Interested in our upcoming LifeStraw ®  information session and how you can earn your own personal LifeStraw? Click Here.
Or learn about the CELF LifeStraw ®  "100 Schools" Water Campaign.
Calling all NYC teachers: 
Fall P-Credit Course
Project-Based Learning in EfS

Ready to bring your teaching to a whole new level? CELF's EfS curriculum framework seamlessly integrates sustainability concepts within existing curricula. Participants will develop a thorough understanding of Problem Based Learning and the principles and practices of EfS. Participants will gain strategies to cultivate environmental literacy and civic responsibility while encouraging students to think about 21st century challenges.

Target Grade Levels:  K - 8 

Specific Content Areas: STEM and social studies
Dates: Course runs Sept. 19 -- Dec. 12
Educator Profile: Principal Anna Cano-Amato, CELF Greenpoint Summer Institute principal 
CELF's approach of training educators allows us to have a lasting impact on schools and students. Principal Cano Amon reflects here,  "CELF was extremely attentive to our individual school's needs, realizing that we all have different backgrounds as well. I was so glad that, as a principal, I was able to attend with my staff and was given sufficient time to coordinate with them."    Learn More
Partner Profile: Mt. Sinai
CELF is pleased to be a Stakeholder Advisory Board member of the Community Outreach and Engagement Core (COEC) at the Transdisciplinary Center for Early Environmental Exposures at Mt. Sinai. Postdoctoral fellows, Dr. Sarah Evans and Dr. Alison Sanders, presented at CELF's summer teacher training institute discussing how pediatric environmental health topics can be incorporated into the K-12 curriculum.  Learn More
Did you know CELF can come to you?
Whether you are new to Sustainable Education or want dive deeper to take your school or district's efforts to the next level, CELF can design a program to meet your interests and needs.  Learn more  about how we may customize a program for your school, community group or district.
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CELF's mission is to make Education for Sustainability (EfS) an integral part of every school's curricula and culture - from kindergarten through high school - to prepare current and future students to be active and responsible citizens of a sustainable world.