• The Lunatic Fringe Mesh Jersey with CE approved armor are selling fast but we still have a few in each size.  Get one now for just $25

  • Mesh-Tex jackets in the popular red color, only $79

  • Handy gadgets, secure your gear with Rok-Straps and protect your ears with the best noise canceling ear plugs
When this sale first started, I jokingly considered calling this sale "a full set of armor in a bag that doubles as a jersey" because at the sale price, it's a bargain just for the value of the full CE armor set!  But seriously, we've gotten many comments about using this armored jersey for summer street riding, off-road use, etc. We even had a customer come buy a few for his kids when they play with the ATVs.  Check out the 89  reviews (4/12 star average) for some good use ideas.  Get one or more now while the getting is good!  

Mesh frame, CE approved protection.  Yikes, this is cheap!

Sizes left:  

Black:  Small through XXXL

Silver:  Small, Medium, XL & XXL

MSRP $99.95

Vault CE approved shoulder and elbow armor shown as well as CE approved back protector

Quality jacket, simple design.  Removable wind and water resistant liner.  CE approved protection, great reflectives!

Sizes left:  

Red:  Small, Large through XXXL and Medium Tall

Blue:  Small, just two left

MSRP $179.95

These are so handy, you'll wish you'd bought them sooner.  Here's what a couple customers have said:  

James:  These straps are the best made, best performing cargo straps out there! I used these on a 3,100 mile cross country trip and they worked perfectly!

Paul:  Much better than any other method of securing stuff. The nets always get too loose and the regular bungees always squeeze too much.

The way these earplugs are designed they reduce the volume of the sound without muffling or distorting it.  The ER-20XS is perfect for motorcycle riders because they have a very low profile
Michael B says:
Best ear plugs yet
I found these to work very well for me. I use them for daily commuting as well as long trips on the mainland. Always comfortable and rarely to I bump them when putting on the helmet. After a 18 months of near daily use they still work great. An occasional trip through the dishwasher cleans them up nicely.
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