See below for your #LexCEU update, plus alumni stories (and a chance to tell your own), this year's alumni-supported students and much more. Happy autumn from your university! 
Another Year of 'LexCEU'?    
Rector Urges Hungary to Sign NY Deal 
Responding to the recent 'lex CEU' deadline extension, CEU said it plans to begin recruiting new students, but urged the Hungarian government to sign the negotiated agreement with NY State to eliminate uncertainty. Listen to President Ignatieff's Press Conference remarks.
They're Here! 
This Year's Alumni Supported Students
Alumni donors helped provide scholarships for 26 CEU students from around the world this year. Take a moment to meet our largest-ever class of ASRs and see their video message to alumni. Also, learn how you can support the Alumni Scholarship.
The Charm and the Challenge  
Sculpture Prompts New CEU tradition
What began as a monument to giving back has started a new tradition on campus. Get the story of your university's very own "lucky charm" and see how students have responded. Full story. 
Telling Our Story   
Alumni on Life, CEU 'In Their Own Words'
Your fellow CEU alumni are sharing stories of their lives and how our community made them who they are today. Read their stories, then tell us yours!

'Ordinary Virtues'    
New York Times Reviews Rector's Book
President and Rector Michael Ignatieff's new book "The Ordinary Virtues: Moral Order in a Divided World" examines the effect of globalization on conscience and moral understanding. Read the New York Times review.
CEU Philos Fest    
Philanthropy Week Coming Soon
Philanthropy built this university. Next month's CEU Philanthropy Week is a global celebration of the gifts our community has received - and the impact we can all make. It's coming. Get ready.

'Pay it Forward' 
Volunteer with CEU's Global Community 
Wherever in the world, you can get involved and make a difference by volunteering with your university's alumni community. Host events, help recruit new students, join a local chapter (or even start your own!). Find out how to get involved today.

Great 'Fits' Wanted 
Help Others Find Their Passion at CEU
Having lived the CEU experience, you're the most authentic voice for the university. Do you know a student who would be a great fit at CEU? Please refer them to the recruitment team today.
Update Your bookmarks!  
New Alumni and Career Websites
For alumni services, news, events and more check the new  Alumni Relations site. For career services, consultations, events, career board and more, visit the brand new Career Services site
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