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Kids Church Curriculum


The Parables of Jesus are some of the most amazing stories ever told.  This week you can get your children pumped up about learning the Parables AND save a ton of money in the process.  "Between The Lines", a nine-week series that brings the Parables of Jesus into a modern-day setting is only $79!

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Details are below. . . 
Curriculum Pack Vol. 16 

This Curriculum Pack will feature TWO COMPLETE SERIES:



A six-week series focusing on one of the most amazing stories in the Bible, David and Goliath. Your kids will learn how to take on the "GIANT" problems in their life with God's help!


 "Five 4 The Fight"

This five week series focuses on five incredible scriptures that will help us in our spiritual fight against the enemy!


Retail Price:  $99  


CLICK HERE for more info, lesson and video samples, or to place your order!


"Between The Lines" - Curriculum Pack Vol. 13   
Vol 13

Jesus was a master storyteller. Everywhere He went, He used the location, environment, and customs that were familiar to His followers and used them to tell stories that conveyed amazing spiritual truth. We call these stories Parables.  


In this series, your kids will study some of the most well known Parables that Jesus told during His Earthly ministry. They will not just be looking at the stories on the surface. They will be going "Between The Lines" to find out what is the spiritual significance of each story.





- "It's Time To Forgive" (The Unforgiving Servant)

- "Use It Or Lose It" (The Talents)

- "Welcome Home" (The Prodigal Son)

- "Empty Seats" (The Great Banquet)

- "One Opportunity" (The Unjust Steward)

- "Can I Help You?" (The Good Samaritan)

- "I Pity The Fool" (The Rich Fool)

- "Ready, Set, Sow" (The Sower)

- "Don't Be A Spiritual Snob" (Pharisee & Tax Collector)



Retail Price:  $99 



CLICK HERE   for more info, lesson sample  and video sample! 





"Not-So-Perfect Bible Heroes" PowerPoint Game Download  

We often think of Bible Heroes as being PERFECT people who never made a mistake. But, many of the people used by God were not perfect at all.


In this game, see if you can name the Not-So-Perfect Bible Hero being described in each statement.


Perfect for use in Children's Church or small groups.


Retail Price:  $3.50  

SALE PRICE: $1.50 (over 50% OFF) 


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Brian's Blog




Brian Dollar is the founder and visionary behind High Voltage Kids Ministry Resources.  For years, other Kids Ministry leaders have asking Brian one question, "Why don't you Blog?"  


Well, Brian is finally starting his own blog, but it has a very unique twist!  The goal of this blog is to help other Kidmin Leaders learn from what God has helped Brian learn in nearly twenty years of Kids Ministry.  He plans to post weekly on this blog addressing a different question about Kids Ministry submitted by other Kidmin Leaders and blog subscribers.


Subscribe now to be one of the very first of the fellow KidMin Leaders and friends to join him in this journey.  Brian will be giving away a $200 Web Coupon to use in our web store - to ONE lucky subscriber to "Brian's Blog."  


So, what do you have to do?  Just visit Brian's Blog at  and subscribe to the blog - it's FREE!  All those who have subscribed by midnight Eastern, July 31st will be eligible for the drawing.  


So, go check it out AND tell all your friends!  If you would like to help, encourage your Kids Ministry friends to subscribe to Brian's Blog by July 31st.


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game time


Kids love games!  Kids love to have fun!  We love to include FUN and EXCITING games in our Curriculum Packs!  We love it even more when those games can tie into a spiritual or Biblical Truth!


We would like to invite those of you who have created games (both action games and PowerPoint games) to submit them to us to use in future releases!


Just email us your ORIGINAL game IN DETAIL that includes:


1)  Name of the game

2)  Items needed to play

3)  Detailed Directions on HOW TO PLAY

4)  Your name, city, and state


If we choose to use  your game in a future series, we will mention your name in the credits of the series AND give you a $100 coupon to use in our web store!  That's $100 PER GAME that we use!


Please do not send us games that were created by others and/or are copyrighted in any way.  We are looking for FRESH, ORIGINAL games to use in our Curriculum Packs!


E-mail your game ideas to: 

You are all very important to the children and the churches you serve!  May God bless you this week!!

The High Voltage Kids Ministry Team