Getting Purposeful Sleepjack russell dog relaxing and resting on grass meadow at the park outdoors and outside on summer vacation holidays
Just the other day I was watching a friend's dog sleep, and I was fascinated by how one minute she could be jumping around and the next soft snoring could be heard. But equally amazing was her ability to be fully alert if an intruding sound was heard and then, as quickly, back to dreamland!
Animals have this sleeping and napping thing down!
But what about you?
I miss the days I could fall asleep easily and sleep through the night; and, like me, you probably realize just how important real sleep is to your overall emotional, psychological and physical balance.
So I've created a formula to help us both recapture that important ability to sleep:
S - Self-Care
Number one in addressing sleep disruption is a commitment to self-care and that means putting yourself and your need for rest at the top of your priority list. Having a regular bed-time is a good technique to send the subconscious the message that your rest is important. The consistency over time should make it easier and easier to fall asleep.
L - Letting Go
This is a big one. Let go of everything that has occurred during the day. Let go of the news reports. Let go of mistakes. Let go of things said or unsaid. Let go of tomorrow's To-Do List. Let go of everything except a peaceful, restful night.
E - Eat Often and Well
Eat when you need to eat and eat high-quality and delicious food, without preservatives if you can get it. Get off the sugar and caffeine cycles and feed your body what it needs to operate well throughout the day. Your body will thank you and perhaps even let you start sleeping longer and deeper.
E - Exercise
Move that fabulous body at least 20 minutes a day. Studies show that hours in the gym are not necessary. Simple walking daily will do it. Stop focusing on what's wrong with your body and start celebrating what is right. And do something consistent - that is what matters.
P - Purposeful Positivity
Studies show that there is a direct correlation between how dis-stressed and sleep-deprived we feel and the amount of negativity we allow in to our minds and hearts. Go on a negativity diet and give yourself permission to be happy in your life.
This week make restful sleep a priority. And that might mean that you'll have to shift some habits, change some schedules and focus on sleep as a true component of self-care and balance. So, here's to a good snooze and a week filled with the energy that comes from a restored self.

Much love,