Getting ready for Armageddon


December 21, 2012




With the Mayan "Long Count" calendar turning 5,125 years on December 21, 2012, folks have been getting ready for the big day. One group in Britain put in dried foods that will last for twenty-five years. A group in the Yucatan has been told to sell all their worldly possessions: homes, cars, etc. and give the money (for safekeeping) to the head guru. The French village of Bugarach, reported by some to be the only safe place on earth, has become host to hundreds of camped-out end-timers. The locals got into the game by selling bottled water at four times the regular price. Vichy Water is even more.


Not wanting to miss out, I decided to get a few things. Walter Klak, the guy who stretches my canvas, made me hundreds in all my favourite sizes. I had to take my van to pick them up. Walter said he was surprised more painters weren't stocking up. It looks to me like not everyone is doing the intelligent thing.


Regarding paint, I got myself ten large tubes of Titanium white. I find I use quite a bit of white. I also got three each of all my favourite colours in the regular tubes, plus yellow ochre.


Regarding brushes, in the new dispensation I want to try some filberts. I picked up two complete sets in all sizes from 0 to 24. I noticed Dick Blick hadn't run the prices up--as a matter of fact his prices seem to have come down. Is Dick not aware of what's happening?


Regarding food, I got in two cases of Glenlivet, two cases of Aberlour and three cases of Glenfiddich (21 years old). I also bought two cases of Bombay Gin. We think we might need martinis in the new era. We already have the pimento-type olives.


A lot of people think I'm stupid, but it's not true. My year end is the end of the year, so I'm holding all my December cheques until January and spending everything I can in December. I need as many expenses as I can get. When you're an artist, pretty well everything is deductible. At least it was. By the way, if you don't get a letter from me next Tuesday (Christmas Eve), Merry Christmas anyway, and thanks for coming along for the ride. It's been fun.


Best regards,




PS: "The third Antichrist soon annihilates everything, twenty-seven years of blood his war will last. The unbelievers dead, captive, exiled with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth." (Nostradamus, 1503-1566, CVIII Q72)


Esoterica: Whether it's end times or not, it's a good time to stock up. While occasional trips to the art materials store throughout the year can be a welcome diversion, anticipating your needs now, tracking the stuff down and getting things into the studio is just plain providential. If there is a Boxing Day this year, you can bet your bottom amulet there will be discounts. And when the trumpet of the great god "Muse" sounds up yonder, you'll have your stuff at hand.


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