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With the holidays around the corner, our families will probably
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take center stage in many of our lives -- for
better or for worse. Our definition of "family" varies widely by culture. For some of us, it stops with our parents.
For others of us, it extends to include our second cousins and even close family friends. 

Read on to see how the definition of family varied among ML-SAAF's study participants. There is also an important opportunity for study participants to win an Amazon gift card, which should come in handy as you do your holiday shopping for your family! 
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X ue ( pronounced shu-ay) Gong has been a Research Assistant with  ML-SAAF since 2014. H er responsibilities range f rom  screening participants to managing the study's incentive program. 
Xue recently graduated from University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy with a master's degree. She also has a bachelor's degree from Peking University in Beijing, China. 
Prior to attending one of China's premier universities, Xue grew up in a small town in northwest China. She became keenly aware of how, unlike the highly developed coastal provinces of China, her hometown lagged in both economic and educational opportunities. Xue saw further educational inequalities while volunteering at a school for migrant children in Beijing. In China, migrant children are prevented from attending official local schools and are instead relegated to special migrant schools of much lesser quality. Experiencing these inequalities inspired Xue to pursue education policy as a career. She hopes to one day apply her expertise to improving China's education policies.
As a recent immigrant, Xue also has a strong interest in how Asian American youths' values may be in tension with the values of their immigrant parents. She finds it fascinating to observe how these tensions play out in the spheres of education, careers, and romantic relationships. Xue values her work at ML-SAAF for providing an evidence-based perspective on this tension. 
Xue also values her work at ML-SAAF for another reason: not only can she share her love of Korean dramas and Korean food with her Korean colleagues, but watching her colleagues talk in Korean makes Xue feel like she's watching a Korean drama!
ML-SAAF results show that Filipinos tend to think more expansively about family than Koreans. The majority of Filipino respondents chose all possible members listed below as family members, while most Koreans chose cousins to be the last members of their family. See below for more results.
While most Filipino and Korean respondents listed mothers as the primary caretakers in their families, ML-SAAF results revealed less traditional roles within Filipino families; more than twice as many Filipino fathers were listed as primary caretakers than were Korean fathers. Surprisingly, grandparents did not play a significant role as either primary or secondary caretakers for either Filipinos or Koreans.
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