A New Face Every Month

It takes around 30 days for your skin cells to go through a full life cycle. Technically, you could say that you get a new face every four weeks - how great does that sound?

In the 30 days of your skin cells' life, you probably put them through a lot. Make-up, environmental toxins and chemicals, dirt and pollution can all build up on your skin if you're not careful, leading to dull looking skin, clogged pores and more.

Investing in skincare, which includes a professional facial every month to keep your skin in tip top condition, is one thing you can do to look after your new skin cells throughout their life cycle and keep your skin looking fresh, vibrant and clean.

Why do you need a monthly facial?
  •  Glowing and radiant (without Photoshop):)
  •  Skin a lovely oxygenated glow.
  •  Get rid of that built up dirt and oil with a professional facial
  •  Improve hydration and even out skin tone.
  •  Stay looking younger!

In between facial skincare fixes
Although it would be nice to have spa facials three times a week, in reality most of us don't have that luxury. There are things you can do at home to prolong the benefits of your facial, support your skin and make sure that you're getting the best return on your skin investment.
  • Cleanse daily with a PH balanced product that your esthetician recommends.
  • Be gentle on your face and don't be too vigorous - your esthetician has already given you a deep clean.
  • If you have had a chemical treatment on your face, your skin may be more sensitive to sunlight so check with your practitioner which products to use or avoid.
What are you waiting for - get your skincare routine in place and your facial booked for your next new face!