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March 2017
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To make things more convenient for our patients our office will now be offering appointment reminders sent via email, text and/or phone message. More information below.

Read this month's featured article on my unique approach to rejuvenating your upper face with a non-surgical brow-lift.  By combining Ultherapy® with Botox®/Xeomin, I can achieve beautiful, natural looking results.

On behalf of myself and staff, thank you for putting your trust in us !   
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Our office is now going digital!
We will be providing our patients with the convenience and flexibility to respond to appointment reminders by "confirming" their appointments on their computers or cell phones.  
Our appointment reminder system will confirm appointments  3 days before your scheduled appointment by email, then again 2 days before by text message and once more 1 day before with a phone call. If at anytime you respond to either of these it will keep the next message from being generated. Please notify us 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make your appointment. This gives us an opportunity to schedule another patient on our "priority list".
Look Younger With a Non-Surgical Brow/Eye Lift
Before and After
Patient who benefited from a Ulthera Brow Lift Treatment.
Drooping brow and eyelids can add years to your face. A non-invasive brow-lift rejuvenates the entire upper face leaving you with a more youthful brow.  Dr. Robinson has a unique approach to lifting  the brow and opening the eyes by combining Ultherapy® with Botox®/Xeomin for beautiful, natural looking results.
Due to age, the muscles in a person's face can atrophy, causing the eyebrows to droop. However, this can be reversed through the use of Botox®. The position and movement of the brows are controlled by opposite sets of muscles. By injecting the muscles that pull the medial ends of the brows down (depressor muscles) you can lift the other muscles upward by a few millimeters creating a subtle pleasing arch, opening the eyes, correcting a downward slant, "sad eyes", reducing the "hooded" appearance, common in middle age making you look more radiant and youthful.

Ultherapy® is the ONLY FDA-approved, non-invasive, procedure with no- downtime that lifts and tightens the brow, and improves lines, using ultrasound waves to promote collagen production.  In Ulthera®, one ultrasound pass is delivered to the muscle, the second pass is delivered to the dermis, where the collagen producing cells are. It is a dual treatment, you are tightening the muscle, but you're also building collagen. A very reliable choice, with one 60-minute session tightening is subtle, but noticeable after two to three months. See more   

These two treatments used in combination are a great option for anyone wanting to obtain an overall refreshed, younger looking appearance quickly and easily, with no downtime.  It is also perfect for those considering a surgical brow lift, but not ready to commit to a surgical procedure.  Dr. Robinson believes in taking gradual steps to turn back the clock and defy aging gracefully.
To learn more about our non-surgical brow lift/eye opening treatment call us today at  212.750.7121. 
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Non -Surgical Brow Lift
w/ Ulthera® & Botox®/Xeomin

Drooping brow and eyelid can add years to your face. A non-surgical brow-lift will rejuvenate the entire upper face leaving you with a more youthful appearance.

Dr. Robinson combines Ultherapy® with Botox®/Xeomin for beautiful, natural looking results. 
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