Episode 6: A New Approach
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Healthcare’s a mess! Here’s a better idea how to fix it. Unlike universal care, ours lowers cost, improves outcomes & preserves access to the care we want. Take a look!

It's time to fix this healthcare quagmire. We have seen government’s idea, ObamaCare, and its not working. We have been told single payer or universal healthcare is a better way, but it's demonstrably and prove-ably not. While we are in almost violent disagreement on the solution, most of us don’t even understand the problems. This includes a lot of government, and people in the industry. Yet, there is a better idea. In this episode, we outline this improved approach and set the stage to show you how we can all fix what our government simply can’t.
Give us 30 minutes, we'll show you a better idea!
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Reduce Cost of our Healthcare System
There is a BETTER WAY & it’s not Single Payer or Universal Care. Why not find out how?
Patients are Confused
We can get the care we need, efficiently, effectively and simply while preserving the ability to get the care we want by choice. We'll show you how!
A Better Approach to a
Healthcare System
Government has tried for years to fix our healthcare system. They've just made it more complicated, expensive & dangerous. See for Yourself!
Lower Cost, Improve
Outcomes, Get Care we Need
& Keep Care We Want
We have heard so much argument but no solutions have panned out.
They all are self-serving or big government/professional politician focused.
Here’s a better way!