Giving Options that Help Your Clients See an Immediate Impact! 
"When we are gone, we want to leave money to help students earn an education."

When financial advisor Carol Hager heard her clients express these charitable wishes, she knew exactly where to turn for help.

To the retired couple who so eagerly wanted to use their assets to make a difference in the lives of students after their death, she asked, "Why wait?"

Early in her career, Carol learned how the Oklahoma City Community Foundation could help create a charitable plan for her clients. She knew the variety of giving options could allow them to be involved and see the impact of their gift during their lifetime. By working with the Oklahoma City Community Foundation, Carol's clients established a scholarship fund that is generating awards to deserving students now, and the awards will continue to help students even after her clients are gone. 

"The Oklahoma City Community Foundation adds another valuable resource for my clients to use in their comprehensive financial planning," says Carol. "They help me uncover the best way for my clients to leave their legacy."

Learn how the Oklahoma City Community Foundation can help your clients leave their legacy through our tax-wise giving options here. Or, for more information, contact Joe Carter at 405/606-2914 or

Over the years, charitable organizations and financial planning professionals have each developed their own distinct approaches to the gift planning process. To effectively work together to ensure a complex gift comes to fruition, it requires a special balancing act for financial advisors, philanthropic clients and charitable organizations. Read more on how understanding this balance is the key to successful gift-planning efforts. 

Do you have a client looking to sell appreciated stock? The outright sale of appreciated stock typically triggers a tax on capital gains. The solution to lessen the tax bite? A donor advised fund. If the shares have been held longer than a year, your client can directly deposit them into a donor advised fund and enjoy a tax deduction based on the full market value of the stock. Reducing capital gains tax isn't the only way for a donor advised fund to lessen taxes, however. Read more on how donor advised funds could provide other tax savings here.

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Do you want to increase your knowledge and skills in your profession and better serve your clients? Do you want insight that will benefit your clients immediately? This free luncheon through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and the Cannon Financial Institute helps you make it happen!

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July 25
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Aug. 22
Estate Planning for the 99 Percent 

Sept. 19
Family Business Succession Planning: Now More Challenging Than Ever

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Joe Carter
Director, Development