Dear Friend of the Community Foundation,

Many of you who were at our annual meeting in September last year heard me talk about how the act of giving can be an antidote to tangled up times. Those remarks also noted that the structures of community, on which people should be most able to rely, were being cast to the side.

The intervening months have only heightened that uncertainty, and in recent weeks we've heard from many of you that the current state of affairs has caused you to reflect on your own giving. And many of you have also asked the Foundation to share our ideas.

Here are some thoughts for you to consider:
  • It's important to recommit to the most vulnerable and marginalized populations in our communities. Much of the prevailing tension in our communities stems from the frustration that people feel when they struggle to meet their basic needs and have limited opportunity to succeed. Consider supporting anti-poverty programs that offer wrap-around services, shelters, foodbanks, child care centers, expanded learning programs, and anti-discrimination organizations.
  • So many challenges stem from the fact that we don't know our neighbors the way we used to. Think about making a contribution to efforts that convene communities in meaningful dialogue about divisive issues. You may even want to initiate these efforts yourself.
  • Consider supporting nonprofits that provide assistance to Vermont men and women under active deployment in the Armed Services and their families and/or veterans and their families.

  • Provide continued support to the organizations you have helped in the past - they will need your support as much as ever.
  • Involve your children and family members in discussions about your giving. Promote giving and generosity in all of its forms as an expression of care.
For those who are interested, we have a created a list of organizations you might consider giving to in the following areas: Anti-Discrimination, Immigration, Refugees; Closing the Opportunity Gap for Vermonters; Environment & Climate Change; Journalism & Media; and Women's Issues.

Visit our website to see the list.

Please be in touch with us if you have any specific questions or would like to review your giving options - we are always here to help.

Finally, we encourage you to never forfeit your belief in the resilience of our communities and our institutions and in the collective power of giving.

Warm Regards,

Dan Smith
President & CEO