21 November 2017

Scenes from our Luncheon: above, 8th Grade student Justin escorts Mrs. Boylan into Westbury Manor.  Right, our guest speaker Bernadette Castro charmed and entertained.
Greetings from Mr. Gault

The Fall Luncheon Fundraiser held on Tuesday, 14 November at the Westbury Manor was a great success.  Former NYS Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Bernadette Castro spoke eloquently of her avid support for Catholic school education. Her remarks strongly reflect the significant impact attendance at schools like The De La Salle School has on young people who, without the help of benefactors, have no options about where to go to school!  Congratulations to the cash prize winners:  $1,000 - Nancy Stein; $500 - Beth Nehls; $250 - Maureen Fraser.  Enjoy the beautiful pictures of the event elsewhere in this Dispatch.

An ongoing project at The De La Salle School involves several student teachers from Molloy College under the direction of Dr. Kevin Sheehan conducting social studies lessons in the eighth-grade class that center on the Industrial Revolution. Great energy filled the room as the student teachers challenged De La Salle students to be creative and to think outside their comfort zones and traditional education. Like all good teachers, homework was assigned.  Each student will create a unique invention and using the knowledge and skills learned in their lesson they will market their invention at The De La Salle School version of "Shark Tank."  The eighth-grade students are very excited about this project.
The faculty and staff of The De La Salle School astound me with their enthusiasm and dedication, as they perform their magic to ensure that the young men entrusted to our care have the necessary tools to succeed and to grow their faith and spiritual lives.  As we move forward with the school year, be assured of our continued commitment to provide the young men of The De La Salle School with our best efforts and nurturing, so that he knows that he is a unique and talented creation of a loving God and is part of a Lasallian community who will support his efforts to achieve his dreams.
Wishing all a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!
William L. Gault
Executive Director
Scenes from the The De La Salle School's Annual Fundraiser Luncheon,  Tuesday, 14 November 2017, 
with special guest speaker 
Bernadette Castro. 

Week of 30 October

Word of the Week - jettison - to drop cargo to lighten a ship's load in times of distress; to drop from an aircraft or spacecraft in flight.

Gentleman of the Week -  Ronnie L., 5th Grade
Artist of the Week - Joshua, 6th Grade

Week of 6 November

Word of the Week - kinetic - the energy of a body which results from its motion; equal to one half the mass of the body times the square of its speed. 

Writer of the Week - Jose M., 5th Grade
Artist of the Week - Keneth, 6th Grade

Week of 13 November

Word of the Week - liturgical - of or having to do with the Catholic liturgy of the Mass. (Thank you to Steven Z., 5th Grade, for selecting and presenting this word).

Gentleman of the Week - Emil, 8th Grade
Artist of the Week - Danny B., 5th Grade

There was no Gentleman of the Week the week of 6 November
due to the Veterans Day holiday.
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