Volume 43| November 14, 2017
Giving Thanks to our Offshore Energy Workers
During the month of November we take time to be thankful for our family and friends, our Veterans who fought for our freedom and for the many blessings bestowed up on each of us. It is also appropriate to take time to thank the offshore energy workers who do the very difficult job of
producing our very own American energy.

Our offshore energy workers often leave their families to work fourteen day shifts so that we can enjoy everyday indulgences such as our cars, our computers, our smart phones, our clothes, and even our trips to grandma and grandpa’s on Thanksgiving Day. So today, THANK an energy worker for their contribution towards American Energy Dominance!
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BSEE Director: Deepwater Gulf of Mexico is Key to Energy Dominance via BSEE
HOUSTON -- Oil and gas production from deepwater projects play a significant role in the Nation's energy program. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Director Scott Angelle stressed the substantial contribution from deepwater and how future exploration and development will be critical to the achievement of energy dominance to industry members attending conferences in Texas Wednesday and Thursday. Angelle provided remarks at the Deepwater Operations Conference in Galveston, Tx. and the International Association of Drilling Contractors Annual General Meeting in Austin, Tx.

"The offshore oil and gas industry has demonstrated that when faced with challenges in deepwater whether market-based or technology, it continues to innovate and accelerate," explained Angelle...

"In working toward President Trump's and Secretary Zinke's goal of energy dominance, industry will need to continue to meet the challenges of deepwater development," Angelle said.  
Making Offshore Economic: Shell, LLOG Tap Technology, New Methods via E&P Hart Energy
Much has been said about the efficiency gains onshore operators have achieved that make production increases in a sub-$50/bbl price environment feasible. Such trends also are evolving in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), where companies are leveraging a variety of methods and technologies like subsea tiebacks and enhanced waterflood designs to exploit mature reservoirs in a time when developing large and costly platforms is an economic liability...

Such methodologies are leading to increased interest in offshore development. According to a Wood Mackenzie report, there were six newly sanctioned projects in the GoM between 2015 and the first half of this year, more than any other offshore location in the world, and the EIA reported that seven new offshore fields will come online between this year and next.
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In the Gulf of Mexico we are proud to produce the energy to fuel America, to generate the revenues for the U.S. treasury, and to create thousands of good paying American Jobs. We stand together to be
Gulf Proud. Energy Strong .  
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