November 10, 2017 | 21 Cheshvan 5778  Candle Lighting | 4:57 p.m.
Vol. XVII 
No. 09
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In The Sof
Tues., Nov. 14
Fall Open House
@ 6:30 p.m.
Tues., Nov. 14
Knowledge @ Noon
12 p.m.

Wed., Nov. 15
Dress Down Day
 - $2 Donation - 
Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

Mon., Nov. 20


Knowledge @ Noon
12 p.m.
Financial Aid 
Information Night
@ 7 p.m.


Log Your Shul 
and Community Service Hours

ATTENTION STUDENTS: EVERY year you are required to participate in at least 15 hours of community service and attend a minimum of 10 religious services. Please use the links below to record your community service and religious service attendance. 


Memorial to Honor the Memory of
Jennifer Lanxner

ON MONDAY, A  Kir Zikaron (commemorative wall) was dedicated to honor the memory and legacy of our beloved Hebrew teacher, friend and colleague, Jennifer Lanxner (z"l), who passed away two years ago of cancer at the age of 40. The wall is located across from her former classroom and is a visual testimony of the school's appreciation and love for her and Jennifer's family.
   Morah Lanxner was a dedicated teacher who impacted the lives of her students and touched all who knew her because of her warm, welcoming and gentle personality. This commemorative space will give those who knew and loved her a chance to come and reflect.
   As well, for those who did not get the opportunity to know her, this space invites questions to be asked about her, which ensures her memory and legacy will live forever.
- Bosmat Dovas


SafeTALK: Suicide Awareness Program for Parents

The Friendship Circle is offering a three-hour training session for parents on Nov. 19 to become "suicide-alert helpers." 
   Called "SafeTALK," the program will be led by Rabbi Yarden Blumstein and gives parents the knowledge and power to address mental health challenges in our community. 
   To RSVP, please click  HERE
   For more information on SafeTALK, click on the image above.


Takeaway of UMatter Week: 
Everybody Matters 

A WEEK OF affirmation and team building concluded with a special Town Hall where faculty gave TED-style talks on topics that were both poignant and resonant with students.
   From decorating hallways, "secret" classmates exchanging pleasantry notes, competitions and novelty themes, UMatter's weeklong theme emphasizing the importance of being kind wasn't lost on our students.
   While larger school districts like Walled Lake and West Bloomfield also participated, the unique calibration of FJA's student body, where students throughout the school know one another by first name - whether they are friends or not - is one of UMatter's goals. Fortunately, that atmosphere already exists here. 
   There are a slew of photos from throughout the week. Click HERE to see your student, yourself and your friends.  Please see the sidebar for follow-up programming from The Friendship Circle for parents on suicide prevention awareness training, called "SafeTALK."
FJA Welcomes Students Supporting Israel Founder

ILAN SINELNIKOV, FOUNDER and president of the grassroots organization Students Supporting Israel, made a special visit to speak with our students this week at The Berman Center for the Performing Arts.
   SSI was founded in 2012 and has since established more than 50 chapters across the country within its first five years. Sinelnikov said SSI's goal is to combat the increasing anti-Semitic rhetoric found on college campuses and ensure pro-Israel voices are included in all political discussions.
   FJA is now one of the first high schools to have an SSI chapter and while Sinelnikov generally speaks at large universities, he graciously visited our school and spoke with students on Thursday.
   The SSI founder is well known on the speaking circuit, having previously addressed the Knesset; he has also been named in the "Jewish 100," and was a Hasbara "Fellow of the Year." 
   The first portion of Sinelnikov's speech can be seen here. The second half can be viewed on our Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Ilan Sinelnikov, founder of Students Supporting Israel.
Ilan Sinelnikov, founder of Students Supporting Israel.

Final Flourishes Placed for Fall Open House

COME NEXT TUESDAY, FJA will welcome more than two 
dozen prospective students and their families at the school's fall Open House. The Advancement Department has been firing on all cylinders in the last few weeks to ensure its success.
    Lisa Gilan and Julie Ohana, FJA's directors of Admissions and Recruitment, have made some changes they believe will further enhance the experience. 
   "This year, we will be having a panel of parent and student speakers to engage with the audience," Ohana said. "The panel will include FJA students and parents from both public and private school." Another new component is the visit to the Genesis Lab.
   This is the final push for the Open House. If you know anyone who may be  interested, or believe should see what makes FJA special, forward this week's Sof and give them a taste of the charm that is Frankel Jewish Academy. Shabbat Shalom.

Department News: English

Throwing Down ... With Iambic Pentameter

By Nicole Kahn
Chair, English Dept.

THIS YEAR, THE English department is focused on creating more opportunities for students to write in a variety of styles. With the support of peer writing groups and teacher feedback, students are provided with the time and space to experiment with different writing techniques.
   The goal is to help each student develop his or her own unique voice. In that vein, please join us for an exhibition of the work some of our seniors have done this year at FJA's first official Poetry Slam, led by students in Honors Writer's Craft -- and open to all.
   The Poetry Slam will be held on  Wednesday, Nov. 15, from noon-1 p.m. in the JCC Lobby. 

Debate News

Dynamic Duo Goes 2-0-1 in Season Debut 

ACCORDING TO PAUL Thebert's Debate Times newsletter, FJA's Debate Team had a good debut on Wednesday. 
   It was reported that sophomore Andrew Schulman and senior Jonathan Hayman went undefeated on the night, finishing the debate at 2-0-1.
   Thebert stressed the team felt "good," but acknowledged there was room for improvement. "The most important thing in Debate is earning as many points as possible, but wins are certainly welcome," Thebert wrote. 
   At the end of the season, the top 12 teams in the league will be invited to qualify for the National Debate. The next debate is slated for Wednesday, Nov. 15 at St. Mary's Prep in Orchard Lake.
   The last match of the calendar year is scheduled at FJA on Wednesday, Nov. 29. Matches run from 4-7 p.m. Yasher Koach to Schulman and Hayman ... and Go Jags!  

Performing Arts

Pippin Cast Takes "Practice, Practice, Practice"
to Heart in December's Curtain Call Lead Up

LIKE GETTING TO Carnegie Hall, the cast and crew of "Pippin" have been relentless in their practices to make sure the show goes down as one of FJA's best. 
"These kids have been amazing," said Mitch Master, Director of Performing Arts and the show's director. "Whether on stage, directing or the tech crew, everyone has been one hundred percent committed and it will show when the curtain rises." 
   Tickets for the show's two-day run at The Berman Center for the Performing Arts on Dec. 2-3, 2017, are available online (click HERE), by calling the venue's box office at (248) 661-1900 or strolling down during lunch and picking them up.
   Support the arts and support your school. Take in one of the two shows and enjoy the talent that exists among your peers.