Karma Classes

Karma Classes are free (donation based) Yoga classes. A minimum donation of $5.00 is recommended. All proceeds are donated to charity. This year Serene Yoga has partnered with Shoppers Love You Run for Women and all proceeds will be donated to this worthy cause. The funds raised will go to the Woman's Mental Health Program at the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba. 
Support our student teachers and charity by coming out to our Karma class on February 14 at 10:45 am, March 10 at 9:00 am and April 7 at 9:00 am. 

Go to the Book Online Tab to reserve your mat space or drop in for this free class. Drop in's are based on space available upon arrival.  

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From February 14 through to the 27th, each day you
attend a yoga class at Serene Yoga Studio you will
receive a Hearts Of Gratitude ballot. On each ballot please
write your name and one thing you are grateful for. Your
heart will be placed in a ballot box for your chance to
receive a gift from us.
One winner will be announced on Wednesday, February

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!

Personal Development Yoga Actions Workshops

Yoga philosophy teaches that the nature of being human encompasses five physical and psychological aspects or koshas (sheaths), which in healthy experience operate as one holistic system. Various yoga techniques are applied to each of these layers to awaken and integrate truth, wisdom and joy.

When you know how it feels to be fully present in your physical sheath, you will find yourself more centered and sane, less prone to accidents, and more intuitively tuned in to which foods and activities nourish the body. Linda Johnsen


The Bandas 1 Hasta and Pada (Backbends and Inversions)
March 24, 2018
1 pm - 5 pm

In yoga, the five bandhas are often described as "energy locks." They give us the ability to tone and lift various parts of our body despite gravity's ever-present downward magnetic pull. From a purely physical perspective, an activated bandha engages specific muscle fibers to accomplish this anti-gravity lift. A primary purpose for engaging the bandhas is to prevent injury by lightening our load, in particular, taking weight off our joints. In this workshop, you will use your Hasta (hands) and Pada (feet) Bandhas to reduce the weight bearing on your joints as experienced in both inversions and backbends.

Note: F or 200 RYTs these Specialty Class can also be credited towards Serene Yoga Studio
Yoga Actions Advanced Teacher Training Program!

Cancellation Policy: Workshops can be cancelled 7 days prior to the workshop date and students will receive a full refund. Cancellations within 7 days are non-refundable.

Freedomwake Wellness Practice has joined us at 485 St. Anne's

Cathy is an Ordained Spiritual Peace Minister; Certified Spiritual Healer; Certified Reflexologist; Certified Integrative Health Coach; Indian Head Massage Practitioner; Body Sugaring Practitioner; Certified Meditation Instructor.

Here's how Cathy describes Freedomwake:
"I been given the name HEART DOCTOR many years ago from my clients! My work gives me the opportunity to basically help people "get real" with their world, their life, relationships, health you name it ... by helping them find their way back into their hearts where they can reconnect with that deep part of themselves, their truth, to find the power and courage to make the changes they want to see in their life!"

The MAJORITY of her work is done long distance be it by phone, Skype or FaceTime for the ease of the client.   

As a gift of appreciation for the wait, as well as an offer to indulge the senses, Cathy owner of Freedomwake Wellness Practice invites you to celebrate the month of February. Cathy is offering a "Valentine's Gratitude" discount of 20% off - Good for ONE booking during the month of February for the following holistic services:
Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Intergrative Health Coaching, Spiritual Healing

Those interested in booking for Body Sugaring can do so as well and will receive $10 off first service.

To redeem please phone or text Cathy at (204) 291-8626, email info@freedomwake.com or Facebook Message @ FreedomwakeWellnessPractice.
In addition, Freedomwake Wellness Practice has expanded to offer the services of Tannis Nohlgren, Registered Massage Therapist and Kristy Carroll Therapy.  



Spring Family Yoga

March 17 to May 12, 2018
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
By popular demand, we have added a Spring Family Yoga class.
Come bend, bond and strengthen your relationships. Fun for parents/caregivers and children between the ages 3 and 10.
Register for the entire 8 week program or drop-in.

Sign up!   

Yoga for Round Bodies

March 12 to May 7, 2018
7pm - 8pm
Yoga for Round Bodies is a gentle series designed to let you tap into the strength and resilience of your body as it is right now.
Experience the stress relief and healing power of yoga while celebrating the wonderful gifts and strength of your own unique body.

The Prop Shop is Open

In the next couple of weeks, Alaina will be ordering additional props. We take special orders and she would be happy to include yours. Special orders must be pre-paid and we accept them at any time.

For our current order, we will be contacting our suppliers  Manduka and Halfmoon.  As a perk for our loyal customers,  there is no shipping costs.

If you're interested in a prop that isn't displayed in the Prop Shop, don't delay.  Email Alaina at alaina@sereneyogastudio.com to arrange your order.  

Shoppers. Love. You.
Run for Women

Serene Yoga in the Community

Serene Yoga is participating in Shoppers Loves You Run for Women and Team Serene needs your help!!!!!
The Run is on Sunday, May 13.

Here's how you can help:
  1. Attend a Karma Class and your donations will help us reach our fundraising goal of $3,000.
  2. Sign up for the 5K Walk/Run, 10K Run or a 1K (12 years under). Follow the link to our team`s home page and register anytime!
    Team password: zuz38zix
  3. Support your friends or yoga buddies by pledging or start your own a fundraising page to collect pledges from friends and family.
Alaina is our Team Serene Captain.  If you have questions, please email her at alaina@sereneyogastudio.com



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