June 2016
We dedicate this newsletter to all the
wonderful fathers in our lives!

"Father's Day  is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children."

Congratulations to Gongzhan Wu,

 Gladney VP and Managing Director - Asia Programs, 

on the joyous occasion of his daughter's wedding!

Welcome Home!

The Hanson family welcomes Ainsley!

Andie Clements with her big brother Sam.

Happy Father's Day!


"I am looking forward to Father's Day this year as this is my second one with James and first one in America with him.  Last year we were in China getting James when Fathers Day arrived. I knew him less than a week but we were already developing a bond. A year later our bond is that much stronger.  James is a blast and I am honored to be his father."
-John S.

As school winds down and summer ramps up - our China adoption program will see several families completing their adoptions in China over the next two months.  Gongzhan returned home from China last week Tuesday, just a few days after the marriage c
eremony of his daughter in Shanghai.  On Wednesday he was already hosting a travel call with the twelve families who will be travelling in June, July, and early August.  let's see, what else happened so far in June?  5 Letter Seeking Confirmations and 7 Travel Approvals have been issued!  Also - we don't really report on I-800's being issued - but after this week, I do need to mention that one very administratively challenging I-800 was issued. 
With Leta on vacation this week, I have been greeting the DHL courier and receiving the hard copies of LSC's and TA's - which is exciting EVERY time!  On one DHL drop-off this week (in which he delivered two LSC's) - we were actually having lunch with a visitor from Minnesota (and soon to be Mom of a little girl from China)  who found herself in NYC on business last week.  Great news will be arriving for her - TA!! - next week via our favorite DHL guy!

Today as I write this segment for our monthly newsletter, I am reflecting on the fathers of the children who are adopted from China.  And when I pause  - it is both sentimental and comforting - for children born in China - as well as children born, well.... anywhere.
We talk a lot about Moms in adoption, but not so much about Dads.  So I wanted to just encourage everyone to take a pause to think about all the ways in which our male friends, siblings and colleagues love and parent their children   The qualifying name we give:  birth father, adoptive father, grandfather, foster father - indicates some level of relationship - but the main thing, we know, is not so much about the title, as it is about the care - and how that care is expressed through actions.  And how great is it to be a little boy that goes to school and grows into a teenager?  And then becomes independent and enters the workforce - and somewhere along the way falls in love and starts a family of his own?  Every day, as we look at files of boys available for adoption, we are routing for these boys to be adopted and have these life milestones unfold before them. 
I jus wanted to give a shout out to a couple wonderful fathers I met this year who are in the midst of their adoption and life journeys:  Robert who is China right now adopting his son - I am hoping to meet him and his 4 sons one day in his tree house in San Antonio; and Greg - who has three beautiful and spunky children, two from China, they all will be making their way to a new international home later this summer.  Then there is the father I feel like I have met:  Brian; who is leaving for China today from Germany to meet his son - I hope to see you this summer in Pennsylvania or New Jersey.
In closing - It just wouldn't seem right to not mention Gongzhan this Father's Day.  Gongzhan is the father of the beautiful bride, Lin,  pictured in our Header photo.  Lin has graciously , through the years, helped the China program from time to time with her bilingual translation skills.  Gongzhan is also of course, the Father of Gladney's China program - he has nurtured this program over the last 20 years to what it is today.  His presence and care for the program is unwavering and daily.  And although we might only wish him a Happy Father's Day once a year - every day we are thankful for his friendship, courage and guidance.
--Wendy Stanley, LMSW
Director, Gladney Asia Program Social Services
Program Update:    

Kai with his dad John
The Taiwan team has been busy since arriving back in the US after the Superkids trip! Over 4 days spend visiting Cathwel and Chung Yi, the team saw 47 children, 42 of whom are waiting to be matched with their forever families!

We've been sharing about these awesome kids on our Superkids blog and our private Taiwan Advocacy Facebook group. If you aren't already a member of the Facebook group, email Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.org or send her a message on Facebook to be added. Since the Facebook group is private, we're able to share photos of the children that can't be shared publicly on the blog - and they are some amazingly cute photos and videos!

Our hope is that we can find families for all 42 of these children - they all deserve to have a dad who can give them piggy-back rides, or play catch with, or cook a favorite recipe with, or just to give big bear hugs to. If you are interested in learning more about the Taiwan program, please contact Mary Chapman


Click the images to read stories about children from our China and Taiwan programs!  
Gladney Moments

Rocky Yu is Gladney's in-country China representative and guide in Beijing. He is the one who assists in important file and paperwork related items. He is also a translator and guide. Many traveling families meet him as they spend a couple of days sightseeing in Beijing prior to meeting their child. And all of them say the same type things about him. "Rocky is amazing!", "We love Rocky!" I wait for it every time another person meets him, and every time I hear it. 

I've traveled in China with Rocky six times now, so I think I know him pretty well. And I have to say each time I'm more and more touched by his kindness, gentleness, and care for the children. 

When the Superkids team was in China in April, we were talking with Rocky about our blog and the various avenues we use for advocacy and how we can keep up with families before, and sometimes after, they bring children home. He asked us to show him the blog and enjoyed looking through it so much that we had an idea. We decided to buy him an iPad, download a VPN on it, and send it over to China so that he can keep up with the children he loves so much. We have the iPad now and I can't wait for him to receive it when we send it with a traveling family later this month. 

As he travels with the Superkids team, he meets all of the children. Often you hear him singing to a little one or holding a preschooler's hand. He's like a kid magnet! They love him!

Rocky has a genuine concern for children who are close to aging out. I have seen him especially concerned for two specific older kids. Both of them were close to aging out and both have special needs that would make their opportunities very limited in China. One of these kids is home now and doing beautifully in her family. The other is a 13 year old boy whom we call Landon and have seen multiple times. He is a delightful boy and Rocky was so concerned when we were there in April and he found out that Landon would age out and become ineligible for adoption in less than a year! Rocky asked us multiple times to be sure to do everything we can to advocate for him. He took Landon to a quieter place and interviewed him on video in hopes that the world would see this wonderful boy!

As we were talking later in the trip he mentioned Landon several times. He told us that Landon has watched his friends leave with their adoptive families and wonders why his turn has never come. It was obvious that Rocky thought of this often throughout the rest of the trip.

Rocky does not have any children of his own, but I think it is entirely appropriate to honor him in this Father's Day newsletter. He has helped so many of us bring our children home. In a way he is a father to many. 
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In the United States we are fortunate to have experienced supportive mental health counselors.  But, sometimes we don't know where to begin finding one that is the right fit for our particular issue (it may or may not be an "adoption issue") or for the personalities of our family.  Sometimes we may need to try more than one therapist to find someone who can work effectively with our family and our specific issues.  We hope that many of you will be able to attend this brief and informative webinar that will help give you a footing for researching and finding a helpful mental health resource for yourself or your family members. 
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