Global Great Commission Network - Connect is "open for business".

Global Great Commission Network Update
November 2017  Newsletter # 20
Greetings from the Global Steering Team of the Global Great Commission Network.  

Connect, our updated, secure networking site launched recently and is "open for business".  If you are not already participating, register at or to join this growing online network of mission practitioners and supporters who are working together in obedience to the Great Commission.  

We are excited about many of the enhanced features of Connect, including m obile device compatibility, the focus on UPG collaboration, and the ability to customize and grow the platform as we work together.  

The following article by Randy Mitchell details some of the vision behind Connect and the dream of GGCN for this tool.  We believe this is a key step in the development of tools that GGCN can broadly and freely provide.  

What is needed now is your participation!  Jump in and be part of the Great Commission community working together to CONNECT, COMMUNICATE, AND COLLABORATE.

Connect - a Vision and a Dream
by Randy Mitchell

From the very beginning of the establishment of the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN), it was our conviction that  we as the global Church have been given a shared global mission.  However, we have lacked the ability at a grass roots level to effectively plan, pray, and share together.  Our desire has been to create a neutral space where conversations could be had, resources could be openly shared, and plans could be made to collaborate.  

We who established  Connect are not a group trying to exercise control over the conversation.  We are simply trying to facilitate connections, because we believe all of us can accomplish more together than we can separately.   Therefore, we have created a space for you to 'connect.'
These are the guiding principles that we believe makes GGCN and Connect unique.  They also shape how we envision the future of Connect.  It is our hope that:
  1. In the future, knowledge is shared and stewarded by those willing to share.  Our hope is that Connect will provide the platform for solutions to our greatest challenges as we choose to work together.
  2. Individuals from around the world will be able to share their resources as well as write and distribute their books and other writings, making them available to the masses without the need of costly infrastructure and complicated licensing agreements.
  3. Someday, through the use of technology, mission consultations, conferences and gatherings could be attended not by a few who have the means to travel, but virtually by all those desiring to participate.
  4. We can create a platform where we can finally hear from global voices who have for too long been shut out of the conversation because they have lacked the means to participate and to communicate effectively with their fellow laborers around the world.
  5. In the future, research will not be done from far off places by people with little connection to the realities on the ground, but rather be done in partnership with local leaders who provide an accurate picture of the realities behind the research.

The benefits of you participating in Connect are many.  It is our hope that you will connect with other global Great Commission workers by taking advantage of this new universal way of making your voice known.

Randy Mitchell serves as the International Driector of One World Missions.  He serves on the boards of several ministries and has been instrumental in the launch and leadership of three global networks.  Randy has been part of the GGCN Global Steering team since it's beginning in 2011 (after the Tokyo 2010 Consultation), and has been a primary facilitator of the development of Connect as well as the predecessor, GCnetwork.
From the Steering Team
We are encouraged with the launch of Connect and the many opportunities this provides for individuals, associations, agencies and more around the world.  We have been working on this for some time, have had some setbacks, but can also see God's hand in each step of the process.  

At the same time, we are deeply aware that the Global Great Commission Network, Connect, and any other tools or encouragements that we can provide will only be as successful as you, as grassroots users and participants, make use of them.  We are not able to drive the needed mission conversations from the Global Steering Team.  We are very aware that we can only provide encouragement and some platforms for you to use to reach out to fellow workers in your areas of ministry and interest.  We need you to ask questions about how we can better work together to see Unreached Peoples reached, the local church mobilized, and "all peoples discipled in our generation."  

GGCN is for you.  Tell us how we can help!  We are seeing local steering teams develop in various parts of the world.  If you want to be part of seeing GGCN values  promoted in your part of the world, let us know. We'd love to communicate further with you.
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