Global Great Commission Network - Network Update.

Global Great Commission Network Update
August 2018  Newsletter # 21

The Global Great Commission Network was founded to carry forward the vision and commitment of the Tokyo 2010 Global Missions Conference. That commitment was expressed in the Tokyo Declaration, which pledged the delegates and their organizations to cooperation with one another and all others of like faith, with the singular goal of "making disciples of every people in our generation." The Tokyo Declaration was unique in that it stressed the importance of making disciples in order to finish the 'Task' and it acknowledged that mission organizations, local churches, denominations, networks and individual believers from around the world should work toward this end.

In the years since then, many of you have individually and/or for your organizations "signed" the Tokyo Declaration. In the coming months we will use this newsletter format to remind us of the commitment that was made in Tokyo.

For this newsletter, two articles follow:
  • One of the commitments and expectations from Tokyo 2010 was the promise of an online collaborative platform focused on Unreached Peoples, and more. Those promising to deliver that platform were not able to perform. That was a significant setback. Since then, MUCH work has gone into developing a replacement platform, and that is now functioning as Connect (
  • We are also aware that it is hard work to develop a network, especially one that has a "grassroots" vision that is perhaps significantly different from most other network efforts. A second article seeks to give an appraisal of those efforts.
Your continued participation, suggestions, and contributions are needed. We look forward to your input and questions.

Connect Update


The Connect platform is operational!  There are currently over 300 users, but we are a long ways from a critical mass of contributions and participation.  We are continuing to develop the site and have recently improved the speed with a new hosting service, and much more.  Those efforts will continue. Connect is mobile friendly and accessible from your mobile device.  What we do need is for you and your group or circle of ministry partners to make use of this secure and dedicated platform. Following are some ideas and suggestions:

  • Post your conference or event happenings and follow-up discussions.  Join the Global Mobililzation Network group GMC2017 to see the video library of their December 2017 conference.
  • Take the initiative to invite others to work with you to facilitate cooperative efforts toward your focus UPG with secure hidden, invitation only, or open groups.
  • Energize the Great Commission community in your region or area with a Connect local group to share resources and to explore how to work together in Great Commission activities.
  • Let the rest of us know your ministry vision and prayer needs.
  • Facilitate and/or participate in mission related discussions on Connect.
GGCN as a "Grassroots" Movement

What is unique about the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN)? Significantly, we are not a top down organization or network. GGCN desires to be a grassroots network where we encourage people to come forward and lead from the local and regional levels.

The goal of the GGCN is to empower individuals to create partnerships and relationships. Many of you work in parts of the world that others don't have access to. The rest of us need to hear of and from you, your work, your heart, and your expertise. Many of you are national leaders who are critical to Great Commission work. We want to provide a platform for others to learn from and work with you.

The GGCN is all about 'informal' partnership, grassroots involvement, equity and collaboration. That is the reason we promote the development of the Global Great Commission Network. We understand that 'ground up' doesn't easily happen, but we are continuing to work to find those with common values and callings. Our request is that you seek the Lord about what role you can play to develop this needed level of participation and collaboration.

From the Steering Team

We believe that "making disciples of every people in our generation is an objective that will only be realized as the global Church works together to connect, communicate and collaborate. 

What is the role of the Global Great Commission Network? Does the GGCN have something to contribute in these days to the vision of "making disciples of every people in our generation?" Our request is simply that we explore these questions together. We are seeing the GGCN vision unfold in a few places around the world. That needs to expand, and that will only happen as more of us embrace the vision and step forward to do our parts.

We do need your feedback and participation concerning the future of GGCN. The Global Steering Team will do its part in the coming months with reminders and updates and other developments. For your part, we encourage you to be active on Connect and that you pray about and look for opportunities to develop and promote expressions of the Tokyo Declaration in your world.

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