April 2016
ProTec Nutra Glucomannan

With new EU regulations now in force governing what can and cannot be claimed about products and ingredients, weight loss products in particular are already well and truly in the spotlight.

Glucomannan from ProTec Nutra is the ONLY weight management active ingredient with a positive EFSA opinion.

* EFSA compliant with positive health claims for
   weight management and cholesterol reduction
* 100% plant derived
* Extensively efficacy tested
* Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
* Excellent consumer feedback and rapid results
* Available in multiple ingredient grades

ProTec Nutra offers Glucomannan 95% concentration from stock. ProTec has finished product formulation solutions to allow you to formulate and launch new products quicker than ever. In short we are Glucomannan experts and offer the most cost effective quality supply option in the UK and EU.

About ProTec Nutra Ltd

ProTec Nutra Ltd specialises in the development and marketing of high quality ingredients for the European Food & Nutra industry. Our team focuses on finding innovative solutions and new claims opportunities for customers. We will continually inform you of our latest developments. Please contact us to discuss your project or product requirements and we will be happy to assist.
For further information or a sample, please  email Gary Parker, or contact us on
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