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Insecurity hits all of us. Sometimes we feel fear, deal with it and move on. Other times, fear is so overwhelming we are paralyzed, unable to move forward.

Are you like me? Does insecurity and fear play head games with your mind and heart?

A message of inspiration 
from Kathy 
Honestly, there are times when my mind likes to highlight past and present insecurities and pull me into "You Cannot " way of thinking. For me, this has been a long time battle of mine. Thankfully, it's not as often but trust me it still tries to creep in and steal my positive outlook on life. Fear likes to whisper and remind me of overwhelming situations and times of defeat.

Lessons Learned in Christ - I Can Do

There are times I see people arguing over the smallest things. Other times, I see people trying to prove a point and in the process destroy a friend's confidence and friendship... Read full article

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Sassy Gals - Healthier Living
Water is Not Your Only 
Source For Hydration 
Did you know fruits and vegetables are a good source to hydrate your body? Staying hydrated helps your heart and muscles work more efficiently. It is also a great way keep your BMI balanced. Here are a few foods that will provide your body an extra boost:

*    Strawberries
*    Cantaloupe
*    Apples
*    Watermelon
*    Plums
*    Carrots
*    Celery
*    Cucumbers
*    Iceberg lettuce
*    Radishes
*    Tomatoes
*    Green peppers 

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School's Out For Summer 
For kids summer is all about the moment.  For parents it is a time to make plans to fill their lazy days of summer.  With working parents time is very limited so planning is a must.

This summer sit down with your kids and ask them what adventure they would like to go on.  Then pull out your computer and Google the places, things to do and the cost.  This is a great way for your children to learn how plan a trip, budget for hotels, admission fees, food and gas. And let's not forget to remind them start saving their fun money for those souvenirs.

Getting the family involved may be a hassle but they will learn life skills that will help them as adults and for their families. Enjoy your adventures!   

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Pilates as Part of Your Pursuit of Happiness!
by Emily Berreth Pilates  

A few months ago, I was asked to present Pilates stretches and breathing techniques to a group of first-year students at Kennesaw State University as part of a celebration for the International Day of Happiness.

This request got me thinking because first-year college students have a tendency to be the most stressed about everything, and these students can really benefit from learning techniques to both relax and find joy in the moment. But can't we all? My experience as both a.... 
Progress Not Perfection
by Nickie Wheeler

Progress not perfection, yes we have all heard that one.. now the real truth is that perfectionism is the ultimate form of self-abuse. It paralysis us from moving forward, many times we think too highly of ourselves. Let me explain. I know we all want to do things right, we sometimes hold ourselves back if we can't do it perfectly. We will not share that word with a friend because we are worried about how it might sound.. We won't speak in from of a group  because we don't like the sound of our voices, we don't fellowship with each other because ....
   by Ashton Jones
It's finally summer ... Time to clean the grill and grab the pool toys! As the sun starts to set and the beautiful stripes of pink, red, yellow, and orange stretch throughout the western sky, the buzzing begins... followed by the bites, stings, swelling and horrible itch of the dreaded ... MOSQUITO ... Welcome to the bane of a Southern summer. ...  
by Julie Hoffman
Did you know that certain shape faces can be flattered with different style earrings then you may be naturally looking reaching for?

Earrings are a great way to freshen up your wardrobe without breaking the bank, but you'll get even better results if you choose a look that goes with your face  ... 
Solid Food Galore
by Brittany Nelson

The avocado was puréed, the iPhone was in video mode, and my baby had on a cute bib. It was time to try his first solids! 

A baby's first spoonful of solid food is a milestone that many parents look forward to. I couldn't wait! I started searching the Internet to find which foods are best to try first. The more I looked into solids, however, the more confused I became. Should you start solids at 4 or 6 months? Do you really need to buy organic? Is it better to make your own food or buy the jars? Should you try baby led weaning?....

Watch Out For
Summer Lovin'
by Kathy Cobb
As a small child, I always looked forward to sitting on the front porch and letting the sun shine on my face. As soon as the first ray brushed my face, something magical always seemed to happen. My mind would relax and pure joy would flood my deepest emotions. Suddenly a big smile would form on my lips and I would be ready to conquer the world. The yard was my magical kingdom and my neighborhood was the nations. As I got older, I chose vacations that provided me with opportunities to worship the sun. To ...
by Darlene Van Beek
A pet trust is an arrangement to provide for the care and financial support of your pet(s) upon your disability or death. You fund the trust with property or cash that can be used to provide for your pet based on your instructions in the trust document.

Your pet trust should name a trustee who will carry out your instructions for the care of your pet, including handling and disbursement of trust funds and turning your pet ... 
by Andy Lee
I'm always anxious to fix a problem. I'm guilty of trying to work the situation out in my mind before praying for help. And when things don't go as I've planned, I panic on the inside, but when if I standon God's promises first and wait for direction before I launch into repair mode, I don't suffer the frustration and worry that plague me when I don't go the Word first. I lose my footing.

I'm learning I can't stand on my emotions because    ...  

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