As we celebrate Independence Day, we share quotes from a handful of US presidents, who have led this great nation. God bless America!

Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S.  President:  "I would like to speak in all praise that is due to the many brave officers and soldiers who have fought in the cause of the Union and liberties of this country from the beginning of this war, not on occasions of success, but upon the more trying occasions of the want of success."

John F. Kennedy,  35th  U.S. President: "There are those struggling to eke out a bare existence in a barren land who have never heard of free enterprise, but who cherish the idea of independence. There are those who are grappling with overpowering problems of illiteracy and ill-health and who are ill-equipped to hold free elections. But they are determined to hold fast to their national independence."

Woodrow Wilson, 28th  U.S.  President : "I would not have you live even to-day wholly in the past, but would wish to stand with you in the light that streams upon us now out of that great day gone by. Here is the nation God has builded by our hands."

Franklin  Roosevelt, 32nd U.S. President (Addressed During World War II in 1942): "To the weary, hungry, unequipped Army of the American Revolution, the Fourth of July was a tonic of hope and inspiration. So is it now. The tough, grim men who fight for freedom in this dark hour take heart in its message--the assurance of the right to liberty under God--for all peoples and races and groups and nations, everywhere in the world."

Ronald Reagan,  40th  U.S. President: "It began in 1620 when a group of courageous families braved a mighty ocean to build a new future in a new world. They came not for material gain, but to secure liberty for their souls within a community bound by laws. A century-and-a-half later, their descendants pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to found this Nation. Some would forfeit their fortunes and their lives, but none sacrificed honor."

Theodore  Roosevelt,  26th U.S. President: "No amount of talking of what had been done in the Revolution would have availed anything if you had not had it in you to add to these great memories by the deeds which were to make, in their turn, forever memorable the years between the firing of Fort Sumter and Appomattox. So we come here together on the Fourth of July to see what a great people we are; to see how well the generations of our dead have done their duty.
The Global Anglican Future Conference ( GAFCON ) of which our province, the ACNA, is a part,  met recently in Jerusalem  to  address some of the serious theological issues that exist within the Anglican Communion .
... GAFCON  issued a letter to the churches which I invite and urge you to read   and consider with the brief background info I've provided.  Please do keep the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church in your prayers and remember that Jesus is Lord,  AND orthodox Christianity will prevail because it is the one true faith.
Walk for Life in Columbus on July 21st is sponsored by Pregnancy Decision Health Centers (PDHC).  The Columbus walk will be held along the Scioto Mile at Audubon Metro Park. The event will be very family-friendly with lots of activities and fun for the whole family. This will be a great opportunity for youth and church groups to make a significant community impact for life. 

Bob and Beth are participating in this event. Here is more news from Beth about how to sign up:

Here is the link for the Walk for Life. Bob and I will be walking in the Columbus event on Saturday July 21 at 9:00 a.m. I have set up my account as the liaison for the "St. Augustine's Church Team". I did add our church to the sign-up process!

Let's Walk!!!

Starting Sunday, June 17,  we are going to have  play time for the bigger kiddies along with some informal bible teaching during worship . Children will be  dismissed after the Collect of the Day and return for the eucharist, just like they were for Godly Play Participation is voluntary and contingent on parental permission Fathers Gatwood, Madanu, and Christopher Simei will coordinate and supervise. Thank you for doing this for our young people (and  don’t hurt yourselves )!
Dr. Falor is in charge of fund raising ideas for the capital drive. He asks that you please send any idea for fund raisers to him  by clicking here . Keep in mind your ideas should be geared to things that non-members might be willing to come to, e.g., a wine tasting sponsored by St. Augustine’s. So put your creative thinking caps on and email Dr. Falor your ideas.

Speaking of Dr. Falor, he has asked that every one of us download the HQ Live app from either Apple’s App Store for iPhone or Google’s Play Store (or whatever it’s called that loser Android users go to). For the Apple App Store the link is  The idea is for us as a parish to play trivia together with the potential to win a lot of money that we can then donate to the capital fund. Download the app and you’ll see what he’s talking about.  Email Dr. Falor with any questions .

As you keep our young people in your prayers, consider participating in a new ministry we are going to begin no later than the fall. It’s called Engage and you can read a quick description about it  here . Engage pairs adults with youth to read the Bible one on one, talk about it what you’ve read/what it means for you, and to pray together. This is a great chance to develop significant new relationships as you participate in an important new ministry for the life and health of our parish and to see first-hand the power of God’s word at work.
CLICK HERE  to read/listen to Sunday's sermon.

The annual church picnic date has been moved. Mark your calendars to gather at the Patricks on Sunday, August 12th.
Birthday Cake


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If we do not have your birthday/anniversary listed, please let Kathy Darling or Fr. Kevin know!

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