God is Laughing!
The Transfigured Christ -14x11x1 inches - Egg tempera and gold leaf on gessoed panel
The Transfigured Christ
14x11x1 inches
Egg tempera and gold leaf on gessoed panel

Why is God laughing? Daylight Savings Time. 

Consider that God is the uncreated, boundless, eternal light of the world.  And we humans set about to "save" that light? In an age where we have more ability than ever before to light the world, we jiggle around with the clocks to play God with the sun? Yep, God is laughing.

Speaking of the Light of the World, I have finally finished an icon of the Transfigured Christ that I began way last fall. That icon attempts to symbolize the uncreated light of God that Peter, James, and John saw on the mountain two thousand years ago. Peter too wanted to "save" the moment. Alas.

Eight year old Oliver wrote this after studying and coloring icons of Jesus.

8 Year Old Theologian

After spending a week studying images of the face of Jesus and at one point coloring an image of the transfigured Christ, Oliver went home and wrote this on the chalk board in his kitchen. Every week his mother writes a quotation there for the family to contemplate and discuss. 

Oliver wrote this:   

"Everyone is the same, no one is perfect. Everyone pictures him (Jesus) different, that is why we are here to see the joy of the World. Oliver"

To see the rest of the story and download the coloring page, click here.

About Gay Pogue

Gay's iconography grows from a deep desire to share the stories from the Christian Gospel. Using traditional egg tempera or acrylic and gold, she seeks to paint the messages of love, sacrifice, peace, and joy from the Church's history.

Although based in Arlington, Texas, Gay lives a somewhat nomadic lifestyle, following her husband   Fr. Ron Pogue   around the country where he serves as interim rector of some very interesting Episcopal congregations. 

They are currently in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and will return to Texas in late June to sort out their next adventure.