Spring is Here!

New spring items are arriving to our dock weekly as the weather warms and growing conditions get better. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for when new items lands.

Seasonal Items
English Peas
22-25 LB Case  
Spring Garlic
8 LB Case 

Fresh Fava Beans
28 LB Case 

Baby Mixed Heirloom Carrots
60 Count

Limited Availability in stock - call or live chat for current inventory
Purple Asparagus
11 LB Case   
White Asparagus
11 LB Case

Baby Purple Artichokes  Case  
Green Almond
25 LB Case

Sapphire Grapes
11 LB Case

Castlefranco Raddichio  12 CT Case

11 LB Case  

Knobby Vidalia Onion Case

Thumbelina Carrot
24 CT 

Coming Very Soon!

Fiddlehead Ferns

Fresh Morel Mushrooms