Checkered Flag Indoor Karting
One Last Race
The Final Checkered Flag Waives August 27, 2016

 Dear Checkered Flag Racer,

With a heavy heart, I will be waiving the final checkered flag at CFIK on Saturday August 27th. Over the years we've enjoyed getting to know so many great people, and we thank each of you for all the support and amazing memories.

I was 15 years old the first time I set foot in an indoor karting facility. My mind was blown. At that moment I knew all I wanted to do was to share the joy of racing at a track of my own. When the Messina and Tasca families of Haverhill opened Checkered Flag in September 2007 I was among their first regular customers. I soon found myself working for them. By 2010 was managing the facility while still in college. Immediately upon graduation, at the ripe old age of 22, I purchased the business.

While we never had the resources to make Checkered Flag all it deserved to be - cool new karts, longer track - we had a passion for offering the best possible experience. By "we" I primarily mean my awesome parents, Ron and Gail. None of this would have been possible without their tireless dedication. My dad, to put it bluntly, has worked his ass off on our aging fleet to make sure you got a safe, competitive kart every time you sat behind the wheel. My mom, an endless source of fresh ideas, transformed the café into a hidden gem. The entire Checkered Flag team is proud of the thousands of dollars our customers and partners helped us raise for Racing Against Cancer. We also feel a lot of pride in our support of local racing through our sponsorship of the NHKA Racing Series and the steady stream of new racers we introduced to the sport.

Unfortunately, despite such incredible support from family, friends and customers, we find ourselves unable to compete against an aggressively expanding national chain. So the time has come to say goodbye, and I sincerely hope you'll stop by to do so in person with one last race before we close on the 27th. We're offering special pricing and hours hoping to seeing all our old friends. We're also offering great deals on safety equipment, NASCAR memorabilia and more:

Discounted Racing and Special Hours
Jeff Gordon and Kasey Kahne NASCAR Sheet Metal
Goodyear Eagle NASCAR Tires
Helmets - New and Used, All DOT Approved
Race Suits
Merchandise and Party Supplies
Tables and Chairs
Concession Stand Equipment

I sincerely hope that I brought you, your friends and your family the same joy and excitement I felt the first time I drove a kart. We've enjoyed being your home for racing, and thank you for being part of this very special place.

Tom Prioli, Owner

Visit Other Great Local Tracks
In New England, there are some awesome family run and locally owned facilities to get your racing needs in at. These facilities are not owned or operated by Checkered Flag in any way, but small business owners just like myself. They have agreed to honor Checkered Flag Indoor Karting membership cards. CFIK Members will get access to Member Pricing at these facilities. Contact the respective facility with any questions.