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When a child is  happy  at school it sets a foundation for a lifetime love of learning and future academic success. At Golden Pond School we are dedicated to educating the whole child. Academic and social growth are equally important and give children the  confidence  they need to thrive! We see happy children walk through our doors every day and are looking forward to meeting yours!
2017-2018 Enrollment Has Begun
Program Spotlight: Stay & Play
We're proud to offer our students (and parents!) year-round extended care through our Stay & Play program from 7:30am-6:00pm! The extended schedule not only adds to our students' opportunities for education and engagement, but also provides GPS parents with additional flexibility in drop-off and pick-up times.

A critical element of our Stay & Play program is the strength and expertise of our teachers running the show. Our two lead teachers have a combined total of 14 years at Golden Pond School, and are highly trained and accomplished in the field of Early Childhood Education.

"The goal of our Stay & Play program is to be a 'home away from home' for the children. We offer full-day care for working parents without compromising the unique and essential qualities that make Golden Pond School so special. The children are secure and know they are well loved. It is a delight to have time to get to know the children more fully. I love that they share stories and important things about their lives with me.
-Trish Nestor,
Extended Day Program Director/Summer Camp Director

Watch to see a Day in the Life of a Stay & Play student!
5 Great Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp!
Keep Those Neurons Pumping!

Participation in intentional programs, such as camp, helps promote learning during the summer months. GPS Summer Camp helps children avoid the "Summer Slide" by providing engaging experiences that enable the students to maintain skills they acquired during the school year. The hands-on nature of our quality camp program often helps children who struggle in conventional education settings.
Ready, Set, Go!

Outdoor time enriches a child's perception of the natural world and helps foster the development of their senses. At GPS Summer Camp, children can unplug from technology and participate in a variety of active challenges. Our program will provide a balance of planned outdoor activities with periods of child-directed, unstructured play.
Try It, You Might Like It!
Camp is the perfect place to try new activities and pursue new interests. According to recent research from the American Camp Association (ACA), 74% of campers reported trying new endeavors that they were initially reluctant to attempt. The campers who experimented with new activities at camp were also often left with lasting impressions. In the same ACA survey, 63% of parents reported their child continued new activities following camp.

Learning Life-Long Lessons!
GPS Summer Camp is much more than arts and crafts, entertaining songs, and water play. Our entire summer camp experience is full of teachable moments. Children strengthen their communication skills and learn how to navigate relationships. They also become more independent as they develop new skills and grow in self-confidence. Camp provides many wonderful opportunities for teamwork, collaboration and problem-solving.
Making Forever Friends!
GPS Summer Camp is the perfect place to strengthen existing friendships and meet new people. Summer camp offers a special type of community - it's a place of learning, laughing, growing, and celebrating. The relaxed nature of summer camp often makes it easier for children to feel comfortable and form new friendships. It is also a fantastic time to reconnect with old friends and create special memories. An old scouting song may have said it best, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold."

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Golden Pond School is here to support your family at school and at home. Please read our wonderful posts about school happenings and tips for parents and caretakers.

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