August 2017
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*Timing Your Swing
*Phil And Jordan
*Student Of The Month
*New Addition At Stadium Golf Center
*FitGolf For Performance
*Keep Your Gloves In Better Condition
*Short Game School


Scott Mahlberg PGA 
Timing Your Swing


One of the most interesting aspects of golf is that it varies from day to day. You may be confronted with different courses or even hitting different shots on your home course each day. Performance can vary greatly. It is my belief that many golfers would improve their on course results if they worked on their timing rather than on their mechanics when trying to "fix" their swings.

The key to taking your timing to the next level is to work on your tempo and rhythm. Good timing allows you to sequence the swing properly and feel that your swing is more consistent.  Please watch the video for a full explanation of how you can work to improve your tempo and rhythm for great results. 
Phil And Jordan 


Phil Mickelson is known far and wide for being one of golf's greatest champions - and one of the sport's biggest trash talkers. But the 47-year-old may have run his mouth one to many times at last week's Open Championship.

In 2013, Mickelson won his first and only British Open title after shooting a legendary final round of 66. The victory earned him the Claret Jug in addition to several privileges, including an exemption into the event through age 60 and a spot in the champions' section of the locker room.

It was that last perk that led to Mickelson's latest quip. The veteran was preparing for a practice round when he decided to mess with one of the game's elite players.

According to The Telegraph:
"The 47-year-old was in his normal playful demeanor, spotting Jordan Spieth walking into the wrong section of the locker room and telling his young countryman: 'This right here is for past champions.'"

Spieth must have really wanted a spot in that champions' locker room, because he promptly delivered a performance for the ages at Royal Birkdale. The Texan was the only player in the field to shoot four rounds in the 60s, and on Sunday afternoon, he became just the sixth player ever to go wire-to-wire at the Open Championship.

Mickelson has referred to his British Open win as his " greatest accomplishment," however he didn't earn a spot in the champions' locker room until he was 43. Next year, Mickelson is going to have to share the area with the 24-year-old Spieth.

(As reported by the Business Insider)

Student Of The Month

My Student Of The Month for August is David Epstein. I originally met David to help him prepare for a golf trip to Ireland. He played well on the trip and decided to continue his sessions. David recently made a big breakthrough. He broke 80 with a fine round of 79. It was the first time he broke 80 in 20 years. Congratulations on your improvement and also on your fine round David! 
New Addition At Stadium Golf Center

The latest addition to Stadium Golf Center is a food trailer by Blue Ocean. The food is excellent and I highly recommend it. It is very tasty and nutritious. You will find a spicy pork bowl (my favorite), a tuna bowl and beef tacos.  It is open for lunch and dinner every day except Sundays.

 I know you will enjoy the food if you give it a try! 
FitGolf Logo

Golfers Plank
Golfers Plank
Stadium Golf Center has a great relationship with FitGolf. FitGolf is on site so you can both improve your fitness and also treat any injuries you may be suffering with. Jeremy Klinkhamer is the owner and the physical therapist that you will be working with if you are interested in improving either one of these areas. Many of my students have benefitted from both his skills and expertise. This month's video is about the "Golfers' Plank".

You can reach Jeremy at if you would like to contact him directly. 
Keep Your Gloves In Good Condition
One of the things you will notice when a tour player takes his gloves out of his bag is that he takes them out of a zip lock plastic bag when he begins a session. This keeps them moist and pliable and adds significantly to the life and playability of the glove.

Try this and I think you will agree. 

Short Game School

My next short game school is on Sunday, August 20th from 9:00-noon. I give one short game school each month. These schools provide a unique opportunity for you to improve all facets of your short game in a small group setting. Topics include: chipping, pitching, pitching in the rough, sand shots and putting. Each student gets a chance to be in the putting studio and have their stroke computer analyzed. A booklet is emailed to each student that contains videos and text for each shot that is covered. The cost is $160 and the maximum student to teacher ratio is 5:1.  
Please contact me at if you are interested in attending.
Scott Mahlberg, PGA