Good News! Abortion Rate Drops
Let's Keep Helping Moms, Saving Babies!


I've got good news!

Abortion decreased by 4% in Louisiana from 2015 to 2016!

This means that ONE BABY who would have been aborted every day in 2015 was saved in 2016!

There were 9,362 abortions in Louisiana in 2015, and there were 8,972 in 2016. The 2016 total also means there has been a 14% decrease in abortions since 2014.  ( You can read more about the statistics here.)

Just like you, we hope (and work) for a tomorrow without any abortions. We pray that comes sooner rather than later. But for today, we are thankful for the lives saved that will enjoy the blessings of Louisiana!

Let's continue to work together to help moms and save babies!
For a Pro-Life Louisiana,


Benjamin Clapper
Executive Director
Louisiana Right to Life

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