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RICK & BOBETTE | From the river bottom
"It gets a hold of you. If you didn't have drugs, if you didn't know how to get drugs, if you didn't want to share your drugs, then I didn't need you in my life.

I was a monster.

This used to be one of the capitals of methamphetamine production. My own stepfather was heavy in the production - my mom's second husband - so I had a front-row seat.

We're actually sitting in the house that I lived at when - at 13 years of age - I started smoking marijuana. This 10-house complex here was later known as Heroin Alley. It had a really bad reputation; drug dealers and drug addicts."


"My parents are both alcoholics. All my brothers and sisters used and drank. When my sister offered me crank, it started from there."


"I battled with drug addiction for 25 years. I came from the bottom: from the streets. From the river bottom; homeless."


"My husband walked up out of the river bottom every day, taking the kids to school, giving the kids a bath in the river, that kind of thing. He would make an open fire and we'd cook that way.

The kids knew, you know, that we were using. At the time, we weren't ashamed of doing that; it's just what we were doing."


"I was always preoccupied with getting high instead of taking care of our children like you should. It was dysfunctional. My oldest daughter actually left home when she was 13 because she got tired of us.

I was there physically, but not so much mentally most of the time. Definitely not emotionally."


"When you're an addict, that's the life you know. I was sick and tired of getting high; sick and tired of dragging my kids from one spot to another; sick and tired of not getting along with my husband, and I wanted a normal family.

I just couldn't see him saying, 'okay we're done with this,' and 'let's stop.' So someone had to.

So I went to the motel and we stayed. We got the call from The Salvation Army right on the same day we had no more money to stay at the motel any longer."
Food Pantry
Electric Pallet Truck Fundraiser

The Salvation Army is in need of an Electric Pallet Truck to transport food more safely and efficiently. This much-needed piece of equipment will help ensure that food donations are processed and ready for men, women, and children coming to our food pantries for assistance.
Amount needed : $5,835

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"There is no reward equal to that of doing the most good, to the most people, in the most need."
- Evangeline Booth, 1919
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