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Feeling Good About Life
by John Eaton

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Good Seed...Good Crop


"Sow righteousness, reap love. It's time to till the ready earth, it's time to dig in with God, until He arrives with righteousness ripe for harvest" (Hos. 10:12 MSG).




     Sowing good seed on good soil yields a good crop...always. It's the law. Not human law, but God-law. I talked with so many who were struggling through last year wondering if they would ever see hope in their situation. Some became angry in their struggle and sowed bad seed, spreading it all over the field of their life screaming, "I deserve better!" But others decided to trust God and stand firm, sowing good seed through the trial praying, "God, teach me."


     Consider your troubles to be a tiller, turning the soil and making it ready for seed. Without trouble you can't plant. The best time to plant good seed is when your life seems upside down!


     No matter how much bad seed you may have spread, today is a new day and God has given you some good seed to sow. Have you found it? Will you sow it? By default your hand has bad seed in it. Anyone can throw the bad seed.... But good seed must be found. Good seed takes a little work. Good seed takes faith. Will you believe?


     Give yourself hope today. Sow good seed. Prepare your life for a harvest to come. By all means, if your life is being tilled--plant good seed now! Peace will rest on you, faith will guide you, hope will strengthen you, and most importantly you'll reap love, true love!



 John & Angela


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