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Good News!
"Early Bird"  deadline extended to February 8 !!!! 

Now with the making of the movie of "God, Gold & Glory!"
under way there is going to be a lot to shout about.  

A fresh  wind is now blowing.  The winds of change!!  
Impartations  will be released.

This is going to be electrical, explosive, life-changing!!


Mariposa, California

Henry & Grace Falany 
& Mariposa  Revival Center Hosting ...

The 2018 
"Mother Lode Gold Rush Encounter"
March 8 thru 11, 2018 (Thurs - Sun)

A.L. (Papa) & Joyce Gill - Gill International Ministries
Rick & Lori Taylor   - Directors of The Healing Rooms of Santa Maria
 Henry & Grace Falany  - Pastors of Mariposa Revival Center

David Kang - Pastor of Orchard City Church, Sunnyvale
Maurice Sklar 
- Maurice Sklar Ministries
(Note: Our worship leaders are also free to release prophetic 
words & messages as the Lord leads)

Thursday thru Saturday - Mariposa County Fairgrounds (Bldg A)
Sunday a.m. - Falany Residence (4283 Ashworth Rd)

Service times:
Thurs thru Sat - nightly at 7 p.m.

*Sun - 10 a.m. Sunday Service - Barbecue to follow!!
In honor of the Taylors the BBQ will feature Santa Maria style Tri-tips!!
*Limited space: We will need RSVP for the first 60 to sign 
for this service & the food.
There will be no charge for the food but a free-will donation of $10 per person would help

Saturday at 10 a.m. - " The Golden Oil Session" - for women only
(Lori, Joyce, Devorah Sklar, and Grace will speak and personally minister to the women)

The focus of the conference will be on what God is saying about the "Gold" 
(Natural & Spiritual)  for California & the nations ... 
... from the spiritual heart of California

 We also see this as a very powerful healing and prophetic outpouring.

There will not be assigned speakers for each session.  All the speakers  will 
be present in every service (Except women only in The Golden Oil Session)
and ready to respond to the Holy Spirit.  It's going to be a great and 
anointed  time in the Lord!!  

Our last Gold Rush Conference was through  the roof in Glory and Fire!!

"Early Bird" discount - $25 per person / $40 per couple
$50 for a family (Parents & children only)

After February 8 
$50 per person / $75 per couple / $100 per family of 3 or more:  
(A family is parents & children only; any number).

(And for Hotel Conference rates)
A print-out option to mail in your registration is also available on this page.

!! Remember: Because of the limited space, only the first sixty 
to  register may attend  the Sunday service and BBQ !!

Intercessors: A team of intercessors will be praying before and during each session.
To participate as an intercessor please contact us by email at - 

Suggestion ~ Enjoy the area!
Attend the Thursday night session - then Friday morning take  a drive up the Merced River 
Canyon for a visit and lunch  in our beautiful  The river and falls will be 
running nicely. 
You can enjoy the day and still 
have time to return to your room for a rest 
before  the evening service. There are also The California State Mining and Mineral Museum,
as well as the Mariposa Museum & History Center. Both of which are awesome exhibits and 
they are in Mariposa.  In fact, the Mining & Mineral Museum is on the fairgrounds property.

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