Can you imagine a childhood without books? Without Goodnight Moon at bedtime? Without Charlotte's Web, The Giving Tree or The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe? Can you imagine a childhood without books to help you learn to read, gain knowledge and encourage your dreams?
For 250,000 Chicagoland children, lack of book ownership was a stark reality...until supporters like you empowered Bernie's Book Bank to give them books. 
You, and supporters like you, volunteered valuable time, organized book drives and generously supported our mission to increase book ownership.
You, and supporters like you, ensured hundreds of thousands of at-risk children throughout Chicagoland brought home 12 quality books this year. Books like Goodnight Moon, The Giving Tree and Charlotte's Web.
You, and supporters like you, celebrated special occasions in our event spaces, honored loved ones with donations and gathered co-workers for team building in our expanded facility.
You, and supporters like you, brought favorite books to our processing center, lovingly packed them and shared our mission with your friends and family.
It might sound simple, but as the  Chicago Tribune reported on December 25th, "some of the best things you can do in the world are the simplest things." The simple act of giving books means a lot to the children we serve. Children like Hannah who told us, "Because I'm a reader, I will be a teacher."
Your contribution means teachers can assign reading homework, parents can encourage their children's interests and children can experience the pride and joy of book ownership.
Bernie's Book Bank currently serves nearly 65% of at-risk Chicagoland children. Can you help us serve 100% of at-risk children who need books for a better life? We need your help to accomplish this goal. 
Please consider a gift to Bernie's Book Bank this year: $60 provides 12 quality books for 10 children and $200 provides 12 quality books for 33 children in a large classroom. Every dollar you donate has a profound impact. 

Please, click here to make your donation now. There are thousands more future book owners that we haven't reached yet. With your help, Bernie's Book Bank can ensure no one will imagine a childhood without books. 

Thank you for your ongoing support, we are grateful and encouraged.

Brian Floriani
Executive Director/Founder
Bernie's Book Bank
P.S. If you'd like, you can specify your gift to honor or memorialize someone special in your life - a teacher, a reader, a mentor, a friend or family member. 


 Curious about Bernie's Book Bank and how we serve 250,000 children per year? Take a look inside our processing center. 

Learn more about Bernie's Book Bank
Learn more about Bernie's Book Bank


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