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I hope everyone is keeping busy and enjoying the Spring weather.  I'm still looking at your websites and making suggestions for each of you.  If your website hasn't been updated recently, lets get it on the to-do list. Bundling it with social media and the local listings, gives us a greater chance of attracting new customers. 

I'm having a lot of fun with my webinar software. The webinar we had last month with Everyday Aesthetics was a great success.  The feedback was excellent and in just 30 minutes, people learned a lot about Facebook Marketing.  I've been recording short videos to show people how to add items to their website, create a Facebook page and boost a post.  I'll continue to add things to this page.  I hope you find it a good resource and will attend a few webinars that I'll be scheduling next month.     

  Check my video page (it's lean right now)

More on Local SEO and Reviews

As you know... Google has their local listing pages for your company but did you know that anyone can suggest edits to these pages?  I had a client that complained his Google local page kept showing the status as "business closed".  He suspected his competitor was making the suggestion to Google.  We finally got control over the page and he's had no problems. 

Now, with my local listing SEO service, I can approve or deny these suggestions that strangers make on your company page.  I also keep track of your reviews.  Once I get a review notification, I can add it directly to your website.  Keeping your Online Reputation safe is important! 

This service is only $100 per month for current clients and a year commitment. Click here to run your own company report. 

Staying Safe on the Internet
Here are a few tips for keeping your computer clean and safe:

1.  Use a firewall on your network. 
2.  Scan for viruses everyday.  There are some free antivirus software out there but make sure that is what you are downloading. 
3.  Educate yourself on phishing.  Don't click on emails if you are not sure what they are.  Hover over the link to see where it goes before clicking.
4.  Update your software and programs.
5.  Scan for spyware. MalwareBytes is a good free program for this.  
Keep Google Happy
There are many simple things you (or I) can do for a very visible online presence.  Having a good, well-built, website that works for you is just one of the ways you can do this.  Here are a few tips for helping keep Google happy when it comes to your online presence:

5 Tips to Make Google Happy

The Hard Truth about SEO

  Are you wasting Thousands on Pay Per Click Advertising?
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I just want to quickly thank everyone for their business and support. 

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or concerns you have.  I'm happy to start some of these services for you.  Let's discuss it!

Thank you
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